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I received an e-mail yesterday saying that one of my ex-foster cats wasn't well, and just logged on to receive an e-mail saying they had let her go. She came into our care as a stray, the person who found her thought she was pregnant, and RSPCA and CP wouldnt help, so we took her in, and she went to our other fosterer initially due to everyone else being full, but hated her dogs, so had to be put in 2 large dog cages put together, and was unhappy, so when my room became free, I took her on. She wasn't pregnant, and our vet estimated her at bout 10 years old. We had some slight issues with her here too, as she hated being cooped up in the cat room, but also hated other cats, so would constantly try and fight. She had also shown signs of wanting to be an indoor only cat as well, so I knew rehoming an older black and white cat as an only cat would be tricky, but fortunately, someone saw her on CC, and offered her a home, despite being a few hours away from me, and while I dont normally allow cats to travel those distances, with her issues, I felt it worth giving her a chance. I received an update last year to say she had been diagnosed with hyper-thyroidism, but she had seemed to be doing well until this week. I am glad that she got to spend her last 14 months happy in a wonderful loving home, with people who adored her (and gave her a nicer name!!), and gave her the home comforts she wanted and deserved. RIP little one, too young to go, and make sure you send your mummy and daddy a sign, they miss you.
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RIP Jet.
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Thanks, she hasn't been here the past 14 months, but I am still very upset about it. I have been talking to her mum, and they are looking at rescue cats so I have e-mailed her one of mine.
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RIP, Jet. You were loved, and will be sorely missed.
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Play hard at Rainbow Bridge Jet. R.I.P pretty girl.
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Aw, I know all your former fosters hold a special place in your heart you gave her what people would not have, a chance. RIP Jet
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I'm so sorry. It's nice to know the last few months were happy ones for her. Rest in Peace Jet.
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RIP sweet kitty that touched so many lives.
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Ohh, Im so sorry! You did a wonderful thing, trying to home a 10 y/o black and white is not easy, and you did it! You found Jet a loving home and a family to boot!! Im so sorry Jet had to cross over so soon!!
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Thanks everyone, I think I am feeling worse for them, as she was their first cat, and it is sad to have to lose her so young, even if her vet was right with the estimate of 13, it is too young. However, they are coming looking at one of my other fosters this afternoon, the house is too quiet for them, and they want a younger cat this time, so they dont have to go through this pain quite so soon, which I understand.
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i understand the need to fill that empty space. not replace, you can never do that. RIP Jet.
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Aww Rest in Peace Jet..I am so glad you had a loving family to spend time with before it was your time
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Thanks everyone, I have spoken to her owner today, as she adopted Felix yesterday, and she said he has helped a lot.
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Condolences to all who loved Jet...Play happily over RB, Jet, and know that you truly were an angel to open hearts so much that little Felix now has a home.See, love really doesn't die
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Our loss is a gift to heaven.
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What lovely comments, I never thought of it like that before. I have e-mailed this link to her mum.
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Rest in Peace Jet May you find best friends over the Rainbow Bridge
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