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Puzzle Feeders

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On a recent trip home one evening I was listening to WGN Radio and their pet show. The host and the guests all highly recommended using puzzle feeders for indoor cats.

Has anyone used them? Does anyone have any plans, designs, or links on how to make them?
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I've got just a simple ball puzzle feeder for Nikita. It's basically a hollow ball you can take a part and it has a small hole in it so that when you fill it up with dry food, a few pieces will fall out when the cat nudges the ball around.

Nikita actually prefers eating out of the balls vs. eating from a plate I think the food dries out slower like that. I'm really happy and I've got 4 of these balls now.
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I've got these ones: http://www.amazon.com/VIRTU-INC-PT02..._sim_k_title_1

They're very cheap and they come apart (the yellow and blue splits up) so that it's easy to fill them up. I've got one bigger treat ball as well but that one doesn't split in two so the only way to get the food into it is to push them through the small opening and well, I needed something to keep Nikita busy, not something to keep me busy! so that one isn't being used.

They are fairly small though so I have 4. She's effectively free fed though. I.e I fill up a ball whenever I find an empty one. So I don't know how many I'd need per day if I wanted to really portion control her.
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I've got the same ones as Siggav

They work great if you are using somewhat larger kibble food...I used them with nutro nat. choice adult food...oval shaped pieces.
The nutro kitten was too small and a whole bunch of pieces would fall out at once.

I don't use them now for the above reason (the EVO I feed is even smaller than nutro kitten) AND because my two kittens think they are regular toys and will bash them around the room leaving trails of kibble... For my older more, sedate, cat, they worked well.

And they're cheap!
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