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Jade LOVES to EAT constantly--help??

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My cat wants to CONSTANTLY eat. I'd feed him and then a half hour later, he wants more food!! I'm going through food all the time and I cannot keep buying food all the time. Jade is a 1 year old (Dec 22) gray tabby and is absolutly sweet and lovable. He's my baby boy. He was given to me by a friend of mine. They never took proper care of him, he was outside all the time, never fed right. (I've made a thread about him before here in another forum section.)

I cannot afford to keep taking him to the vet, I already spent $300+ on him for vaccinations, neuter, etc, etc. He's up to date on everything.

Anyways, he EATS too much and I notice his belly is a little bloated. No diarrhea, no worms in stool, no vomiting. His stools are solid and normal, they're not unusually smelly, just, normal, lol.

He's active and uses his litter box and drinks a lot of water. It's just his constant eating. I've been told the parasites feed off of the food so that's why he's hungry all the time. He's not a big pooper, poops like, once a day. Maybe because of a small amount to digest thanks to the stupid worms eating 99% of his meal? lol

He was treated for worms once with Panacur, 3mg I think it was, for a week, and I noticed a difference right away in his eating. He slowed down a little and wasn't as "wild" when it came to feeding time. (He'll cry and rub against me and jump up and down from the small table (we have to keep the cats (we have 2) food up because the dogs eat it, hehe. But he's just, insane and he eats everything in one sitting, he doesn't come back to his food like most cats do.

Could he have worms still?? I think he may need another treatment, but I cannot afford it.

Is there anything I can buy at Petsmart or something for him? I want to buy something that's effective and won't hurt him.

Thanks for any help!!!
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Has he been vchecked for diabetis or thyroid Problems. They can make a cat eat alot and drink alot.
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But I guess if it's really possible, I'll have to save up.

I really think its worms. Panacur worked when he was on it. I think he'll need another treatment. He drinks a lot of water in one sitting, but not constantly.
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