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Me first!!!!!!!

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Does anyone's kits do this..

EVERY time I change the litter boxes..they all come running ...
Just cannot wait to be the first one to pee or poop in the fresh litter boxes...

it is crazy..you think I would be putting food in their litter as fast as they come...and their boxes are kept pristine like to I tell you..it is not like they go weeks without a complete over haul!

...Coconut too seems to think he has to help me when I scoop the boxes too. He puts his paw out and taps the scooper every time...lol..gets a bit annoying specially when he makes me drop the poop on the floor...
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Zoe doesn't really try to use it right off, I just have to try to block her out of the way because she tries to flop on her back IN the box to attack the scoop while I'm moving it....
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My cat does the same thing. If I put the empty tray down without the litter in it she will get in it and look at me like "there's something missing".
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Oh yes, I've always got four or five kitties "helping" me scoop the box and then they use it as soon as I walk away.
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I have Harley & Bayley sitting there in the doorway everytime, watching me - both inching more and more towards the box just to be the first one in there They act like its never clean!
Harley is always the first one in there, probably because he tramples on Bayley on the way
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My boys can't wait to soil fresh litter. Good thing my box is large

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