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What a sweet story!

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This is the lead story right now at Itchmo; I thought I'd pass it along since I didn't see it mentioned here yet.

Aren't animals amazing?
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awwww that is cute!!! But it is also kinda gross... I am glad Arthur has a new playmate.
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that is sweet!
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That is so sweet. It's my awwww for the day. Thanks for posting it!
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Awww, that is heartbreaking. It just goes to show how strong bonds are between animals. And, since Oscar is still so young, Arthur must have been like his big brother. I'm not familiar with his breed, but I'm guessing Oscar is a small dog? And the care he took to clean up the kitty is amazing.

I'm so glad they got a new companion for him.
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That's sad, poignant and funny all at once. Good they got the dog a new pal.
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What a moving story

I do feel glad that they got him a new companion though, I can imagine that he feels better now with a new friend.
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Ohhh, thats soo sweet, yet sooo sad!! The poor pup must have been heartbroken!! Can you imagine how hard it must have been for the doggy to lick the kitty, knowing full well that there was something wrong, and the tempature of the cat wasn't right either??? And what a shocker for the Meowmy!! I had a dog named Jobi that kept digging up our dead cat named Splinter! (Yes, from the teenage mutant ninja turtles!) It was heartbreaking!
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