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janet & milo

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sadly the big boy, janet, crossed the bridge last october, but i thought i'd share these photo's of him and milo.

top one is when milo was a tiny kitten and as you can see in the bottom one, both him and their friendship grew.

i will always treasure these photos as my other 3 cats never got on with janet. he was a bit of a bully with them although it often seemd like he wanted to be friends, so we decided to get him a baby. they only had 8 months together but it was so special.

my apologies if this is in the wrong place. as milo is very much still here i wasn't sure.

tab x
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their lovely
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aww lovely hehe!
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Adorable pics...sorry about Janet
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Oh my goodness, they were so close to each other as well
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They are both very handsome cats! I love orange tabby's. And I think it's perfectly fine to post the pictures here.
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Oh my goodness, they were so close to each other as well
i know, milo was a different kitten after losing janet. we had shown him to milo as i heard once that you should let the remaining animals see what has happened to their companion, rather than them just 'disappearing'.

we decided after a few weeks that milo needed to have another friend. we have another cat, tabitha, but she is not particularly sociable with him, despite his repeated attempts to play.

after several phone calls to foster carers from the local rescue center, i found shinobi, a 16 week black kitten who had been found in a grave yard. (i had another black cat who sadly crossed the bridge oct 06, and him and his sister were born in a grave yard, seemed like a good sign to me).

as you can see below, milo has bonded extremely well with his new friend. the spring is most definitely back in his step, as the 4 am hurdling in the bedroom proves!
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Awww, the pics of Janet and Milo together are so sweet! I am so sorry about Janet but I am glad that Milo finally has a new friend to play with!
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It certainly seems as though something greater was steering you and Milo toward your new kitten. They both look like complete joys to have around!
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yep, i have had a few occasions when these little 'signs' have been there. who am i to argue with them!

shinobi (the new kitten) is so similar to my other black boy sinbad who passed over. he has pooped in the plant pots, just like sinbad did when he was a kitten. he sleeps on the second stair, just like sinbad did. and if there is more than one tiddle in the litter box, he will pee on the carpet, yep, just like sinbad did!

i sometimes feel sinbad had a lot to do with shinobi coming to us!
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Beautiful kitties!
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