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conjunctivitis (sp)

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Hi everyone,

I have a question about my baby's eyes. Ever since I first got him he had this conjunctivitis condition in his eyes. The vet told me all about it but, I'm wondering if there's other ways to control it. As he got older his condition seemed to have improved somewhat but not totally gone, unlike my other cat. He tears a lot and leaves dark stains. It's not a big deal to me since he lets clean his face and eyes with a warm towel.

So, my question, is there any product or medication out there that can perhaps make the condition less active? I heard the condition could be made worse if he has allergies. I've also heard the condition, could be made a little better, with vitamins supplements is this true? Not to long ago I purchased a vitamin supplent called pawier, has anyone heard of it?

Thanks ahead of time,
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One of the things you can try for his eye's is L-Lysine. If you buy the tablets at the store, you can crush them in a food processor, and sprinkle a quarter teaspoon on his food every day. I have seen it do wonders for kitty's eyes.
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