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Sucking Thumb

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Ok, since I adopted Sox I have accepted that he sucks his thumb. He'll curl up with me in bed while I am trying to sleep and lay on my throat and just suck his thumb, or sometimes he'll prop himself up against my side and do it, I realize that this is a security thing and have brought it up when I first adopted him to some of cat-owner friends and they don't seem to concerned, should I be concerned that this habit is still taking place?
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Arwen has had the habit of suckling on people's clothing or anything soft since she was a tiny kitten, she is now almost 3 years old and still does it..I can imagine it is nothing to be worried about, but if you are concerned speak to your vet...I am so sure that it is just a comfort thing, and that she is happy doing it
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This is nothing to worry about, it's not at all uncommon, especially in kittens separated early from their Mom Cat. Until just recently, Serenity, age 2 1/2, who came to us as a tiny kitten having been abandoned, used to suck my earlobes and lower lip. Another rescue kitty who is now re-homed with my parents and all grown up, still likes to such on wool, another common behavior.
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