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Brandy's Recovery

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In another thread, I mentioned about Brandy having a serious operation, and I am now going to explain what happened..

I noticed one evening when Brandy came indoors that he was limping quite badly with his right leg, and that it seemed to be dangling freely. Mum and I tried to have a look at him, but he wouldn't let us near, instead he would hiss and cower by the wall. We even noticed that when he sat down, his leg didn't sit underneath as normal, it would poke out in the most unusual angle. We phoned the vet to explain his condition, and we took him over straight away.

After a check up and an x-ray all was confirmed..Brandy's right leg had been literally shattered to pieces, and what they found in the picture shocked us all...they had found a metal air rifle pellet embedded in his leg, and it had done so much damage that we couldn't believe! The worst thing of all, was that we knew who was responsible..our Russian neighbours who hate cats, we often hear shots coming from their garden, and we have reported it more than once...

Brandy had to stay behind to endure an almost 3 hour op to repair his leg, possibly more, and then a weeks stay to recover. When we were finally allowed to bring him home, we were relieved that he was ok, but fuming at the fact someone could be so cruel. My poor kitty had to spend 8 weeks confined to a cage that would help him get better!

I am pleased to say it has been a few months since that ordeal, and he is coping well, although he does have a permanent limp now..
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That is horrific. It is one reason I keep my cats indoors during the hunting season - I have several friends whose cats have been shot. I am glad Brandy will be OK, even if he does have a limp.
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