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Purina NF and diarrhea?

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My vet recently put my cats on Purina NF dry because my Vinny has had chronic UTIs in the last year and refuses to eat a stitch of any kind of wet food (I tried Science Diet c/d, Royan Canin SO, and even the regular stuff from the grocery store...Fancy Feast and Meow Mix).

Since they've been eating the NF, Vinny has had RIDICULOUSLY bad diarrhea....stinky, sticky, very glue-like, projectile, and it's a light-brown color. They've only been on it for about 10 days...should I wait and see if it gets any better? My other cat has no change in his bowels.
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call the vet /// one NF is a kidney diet
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Yes, talk to your vet. Ask him more details as why he chose NR. When my cat had a bladder stone, she was put on Purina UR which is for the urinary tract.
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My renal failure cats are on Purina NF canned. I don't think Purina NF is indicated for UTIs. It is a heavily restricted protein and restricted phosphorus diet especially designed for cats with renal failure. It really isn't appropriate for cats with normal kidney function. I would seriously consider switching vets if yours prescribed a renal failure food for chronic urinary tract infections.
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I would have to agree... UR would have seemed to be the more appropriate diet for your kitty. I would call you vet....
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Well, I'm toying with the idea of putting them back on Science Diet (regular indoor formula) because for the first almost 8 years of his life, Vinny didn't have a single problem while eating it. It was only when we got my other cat, and my financial status dropped dramatically, I started feeding them Purina, and then Kirklands Signature from Costco, because I could no longer afford the Science Diet. My other cat is a pig, and we were going through a 17.5lb bag in about 6-7 weeks.

Little did I know that in the year and a half since I took Vinny off the Science Diet would I spend over $1200 in vet bills because of his UTIs. I switched from my old vet to this vet because my old vet never took me seriously when I would call and say "My cat is going to the litter box repeatedly and not urinating, can I bring him in?" I would take him in, they'd poke at his belly a bit, and say "Oh he's fine" and send me home. This new vet is award winning in the area, and comes highly recommended from friends of mine, who had cats live to ages 18, 19 and 23 under his care.
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Or, I do still have my card to get Science Diet c/d from PetSmart -- should I just buy that instead? That's what the Emergency Vet prescribed for him in November, only in the canned that he won't eat. Would buying the dry be better?
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DO NOT remove a animal from a RX diet without consulting a vet ... there are OTC foods good for UTI health that can be discussed... HOW do you like the VET??? that is far more important than what awards they have one

NO dry and UTI are NOT good together wet is best but you need to consult a VET
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Vinny will not eat wet food PERIOD. I tried Canned c/d, Canned Royal Canin SO, and regular grocery brands like Fancy Feast and Meow Mix -- he sniffs them and walks away. He won't eat anything BUT dry, so I don't have much of a choice. When I first had him on the canned diet, he went 2 - 3 days straight without eating and even after that he wouldn't eat the wet food. I can't get blood from a rock, and I'm not going to starve my cats.

This vet did not prescribe anything, really. He suggested I "try" the NF to see if they like it after Vinny refused the wet food that the emergency vet prescribed, or I could try the Science Diet c/d choice was trying the NF first. I like the new vet as far as being more interested in Vinny's health history and what to do make sure he's better -- he said if Vinny will not eat wet, then put out more water bowls and buy a water fountain to supplement is water intake, which I did. My old vet always just told me that if he wasn't blocked, just to watch him and see what happens -- no x-rays, no catheterization, nothing.
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I think you need to try yet another vet...

TRYING a RX is NOT something that should be done without testing especially one that is NOT designed for that issue the cat is having...

Have you tried wet food in gravy... I have a picky girl and she will eat only a hand full of wet flavors from 4 different makers
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I have tried the Meow Mix Pouches that have the "chicken/beef/ocean whitefish/etc in gravy" on the packet and Vinny turns his nose up at them. While Sherman goes nuts over them, Vinny would rather have nothing to do with it. He won't even eat a small treat of canned tuna! It's strictly dry, dry, dry with him, which I know is odd.

I'm really thinking of just going to the c/d. If the emergency vet prescribed the canned version and he won't eat it, I may as well try the dry. And I was VERY impressed with the emergency vet, she seemed quite knowledgeable and was much more informative than my former vet, or the other emergency vet clinic I had taken Vinny to at another time. It was technically prescribed, and she did give me a sample of the dry to take home..
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