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So What Are Your Saturday Plans?

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Morning All!

The sun is actually shining here today, that's something we haven't seen for awhile.

Heading off to work shortly but don't have a whole lot to do so shouldn't be there to long.
After that the grocery shopping, the pet store and the sewing center. I have decided to do a few home improvements over the next couple of months so need some color and texture ideas.

The kitties are good this morning all three are stretched out in a sun spot on the living room floor. Apparently they are enjoying the sunny morning as well.

Everyone have a good one.
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Good morning everyone!

I'm not sure yet what I have planned for my Saturday. Today is my best friend's birthday and if her boyfriend is out of town, we'll probably go out for dinner. I'm just waiting to hear from her.

Until then, I'm making breakfast (multi-grain pancake with cashew butter and a breakfast shake, all organic. Man, I'm really turning into a hippie! )

Then I need to clean. The best way I found to motive myself to clean is to put on an album and clean as much as I can until it's over (and sing along the whole time). Yeah, it's silly, but you can't argue with results.
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We're going to get our haircut today, then hopefully go to BESTBUY so I can replace my JEOPARDY game that doesn't work, and probably a couple of errands.
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In about an hour we will be heading to Home Depot for some supplies - plan on finishing the kitchen (painting one wall white). Also picking up the paint for the living room but we won't be doing that today - will be shortly. We will be making the walls "leather look" - its kinda cool and pretty simple.

DH also has to pick up some supplies to fix some carts that are used by the church.

Music helps in cleaning and exercising
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Let's see, I need to do some chores around the house (laundry, dishes, vaccuming) as I haven't had a chance to do them this past week with a 64+ hour work week. I need to get some grocercies and some litter too.
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Woke up this morning to Bayley laying in our bed last night, right between John & I Also woke up to a dusting of snow
A little retail therapy today and then some dinner with a friend - weather depending.
Happy Saturday!
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I woke up being pounced and cried at. I was an hour late delivering food this morning

Since then I've been doing laundry and dishes and I just found out I locked Luna in the closet.

Later on I'm meeting some friends up for lunch and then going to run some errands.
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I am going out for dinner tonight with my girlfriend for dinner tonight and going to my salsa class at 1 pm.
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The sun is finally shining here too! I'm supposed to be getting my new horse tomorrow, so today I'm getting ready for that. Also going to go possibly buy a new saddle from the neighbors. It's only $65 and in good shape. My current saddle belongs to John's parents and is getting old and weak and I don't trust it very much. I'm so excited waiting for tomorrow and hoping everything works out and he gets here okay!
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Good morning, it's still pretty early here (8:55 a.m.).

We are switching our our daughter's old mattress for a new one, so I'm washing bedding today. I don't know what else we are doing today. It's cold and grey as usual so we'll probably put a fire in the fireplace. I don't think we have anything we have to do, and my husband's home and not traveling, so that's all good.
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Hey all~sun is out here today!

Don't have alot going on today, my SIL baby shower.......

Have a super day all!
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It's great having my hubby off work - this is propably the first Saturday we've woken up and not gone "ok, we have to get up now and do this, this, this and that, then make sure we do this, this, and this".

So we have no plans. We'll go for a couple of walks. Maybe have dinner with our neighbours (there's 8 of us who get together) and play some games, and drink some wine.

Ahhhh it's nice to relax!
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Aaaaah, today I am just chilling around the house. Doing some laundry..later on going to a friends for dinner and we are renting a movie
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Today is bbq day. My best friend is coming over along with my little bro and were having some steak, mashed taters, sweet corn on the cob, and a funfetti cake. My brother hasn't hung out with me in the new apartment so it'll be nice. Also I think he's just smooging to play Rock Band .
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am having a lazy one hehe! i plan to do NOTHING all day

i'll just cuddle & play with my kitty cat's, then i'll watch The Simpson's Movie again haha
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Not much for me. I was up very late with a friend who couldn't sleep.
Maybe there will be some good movies on tv and a quiet dinner with DH.
If Mom is feeling well enough she has a party tonight.
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I'm still at work right now but I can't wait to get off. It's kind of rainy here so I'm going to a movie and then out to eat. Stay safe everybody!!
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I'm catsitting this weekend for my parents, so the day started with a quick trip to their house to feed, watter, and scoop litter. Then DH and I went to breakfast.

After breakfast, we had kind of a sad errand. We had to go pick up Harvey's ashes from the vet's office. It's odd, but I kind of feel better having him back here with us. His ashes will stay in an urn until next spring, then I'll bury them in the garden and plant something there in his memory...I haven't figured out just the right plant yet.

We made a quick stop at the mall to pick up a teamaker. I got one for Christmas and I love it SO much I wanted another one so I'll have one here and one at the office.

Now our errands are done so I get to relax for a while until it's time to feed my parents' cats their dinner. I'll spend some time over there with them and play with them for a while this afternoon, too.
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I would love to have an 100% totally lazy day with no commitments, but I can't afford to do that. Grocery shopping, lots of errands, running dogs, doing dog nails, cleaning cages (reptile), doing laundry, catching up on the housework, catching up on household paperwork, messing with the plants, and hopefully I can do some reading this weekend!
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We're taking down the beams out of our living room ceiling today. There were 6, 28 foot long 4"x10" decorative cedar beams up there. We've got a carpenter over to help us as they are very heavy. In fact, I'm sitting down as the last 6' of the last beam is dropping as I type. We just gained about 475 additional square foot in our living room. Too bad its at the top of the room!

They were put up in 1972 and were hideous. I'll be dancing with glee when we are done with this little project! The only thing left: patch the walls, and put up 1x6 boards over the holes in the ceiling. And we only had 1 large garbage bag of insulation fall onto the floor this time!
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I had work from 7-4 today. Right now i'm resting for a minute and then i'm going to hop in the shower. Tonight we're having dinner at my boss's house with lots of alcohol and pizza We're doing a planning party for our shelter's upcomming spring festival It's going to be fun!
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I had a few things planned for today!

Laundry, cleaning my kitchen, vacuuming my furniture, getting to the corner store, taking out my trash.

I was so tired after exercising yesterday that I slept most of today away All I managed to get done is a drain tray full of dishes, and now I have my dish washer running with the things in it from last week.

I'll have to do laundry and my furniture tomorrow.
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A new kitchen ceiling was NOT one of them!

We had some water damage since we bought the house (3 years ago next week). DH decided to replace the wallboard on the large, damaged part of the ceiling. It's up, but will require 2 more coats of plaster; then painting next week. Meanwhile, since we had to remove the light/fan, the kitchen is being lit by a table lamp. Good side: I have a swell excuse for not cooking all week! (We had take-out pizza for dinner.) The dining room ceiling is also being done now. We're eating in the family room this week!

I HAD planned to finish decorating the my new "boudoir" (really, it's just my own sewing room/guest room). DH moved his craft room into the smaller, former guest room; I took our formerly shared craft room, and have moved the guest room bed and dresser in there. We did this last weekend, and it took 2 whole days to set up his room--mostly due to having to wire in a cable TV outlet. MY room is a mess, with boxes piled all over. Today, I started painting the old, $5 yard sale dresser antiqued white, and painted the hardware flat ("iron") black. It's not going too well. The primer and paint won't stick to the top. I save some $$$$ by painting the curtain rods flat black, and will make red/tan toile valances. I'll paint my desk/worktable antiqued white.

Meanwhile, I asked Mom (who's moving) if I could have my old French provincial armoire back. Some of you may remember this kid's furniture from the '70's. If you tone down the look, it's not bad looking. I have a small dresser in my foyer (a Goodwill buy years ago). I painted it a sort of ivory, and faux-finished the top in green marble, and added new hardware. The armoire is French provincial, good ole Sears Surplus! I was going to buy a painted armoire on ebay (about $500, plus shipping) to put on the blank kitchen wall (no cabinets are there). I have no idea what the builders, back in 1975, had in mind for that wall--it's just BLANK. You can't add cabinets, as they may obstruct the doorway into the family room; may be against code. Yet, you can't put the kitchen table there, ditto. It's just a wall. I had a baker's rack, which just isn't working for me, and the shelves are warped. I really need some large drawer spaces for placemats and tablecloths. I plan to paint the armoire--not to match the hall chest, though. I may even swap out the front cabriole legs, and buy unifinished wood ones at Home Depot. I certainly will change the hideous, Louis-the-Something hardware! (This furniture actually has plastic motifs, painted GOLD on it! I removed those.) The armoire has 3 wide drawers, and open storage behind the top 2 doors. We'll insert 2 more shelves in there for more canned goods storage. I reckon it will cost about $50 to rehab it--much cheaper than ebay!
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
We're taking down the beams out of our living room ceiling today. There were 6, 28 foot long 4"x10" decorative cedar beams up there. We've got a carpenter over to help us as they are very heavy. In fact, I'm sitting down as the last 6' of the last beam is dropping as I type. We just gained about 475 additional square foot in our living room. Too bad its at the top of the room!

They were put up in 1972 and were hideous. I'll be dancing with glee when we are done with this little project! The only thing left: patch the walls, and put up 1x6 boards over the holes in the ceiling. And we only had 1 large garbage bag of insulation fall onto the floor this time!

Sorry, not making fun of you--but, I can sure identify with "And we only had 1 bag of insulation..."--it sounds like OUR money pit!

Oh, I feel your pain. I'm a child of the'70's, and have seen it all--faux brick (indeed, there's some as a backsplash around my kitchen counter--and, that baby's gonna get smashed with a hammer VERY soon!); faux stone, those beams, harvest gold carpet, avocado green carpet (and sculpted pile, yet); smiley-face crap--including a table lamp in Mom's living room); and God-only-knows how many other decorating outrages I've managed to block out of my memory. And, Mom's house STILL has the faux stone and brick Dad put up back then.

Oh, when we moved the stove, we saw that the faux brick was originally terracotta, WITH BLACK GROUT LINES!!!!! OMG, it's HIDEOUS. No wonder they painted it white! Normal folks would install a tile backsplash. But, then again, Nothing is normal in this house!

When I stripped off the cat wallpaper from the previous owner (I love cats, but don't want 'em on my walls), I found late '70's country wallpaper under it. With marching geese. With blue bows around their necks. In stripes. It took 3 $)*$^%^ weeks to strip it all off the kitchen walls, plus it ruined a lot of wallboard. I HATE wallpaper!!!! I had to re-plaster the soffits 3 times, and they still aren't right.

Then, there was the '80's pastel wallpaper in the 1/2 bath. Some dimwit (We think Mr. SMith--not his real name) applied some sections with what appeared to be floor adhesive; of course, also in the hardest spots to remove it--behind the toilet and sink. As I was sitting on the floor, after spending literally hours sanding down most of the walls, all of which required re-plastering, done by yours truly, DH got a phone call for Mr. Smith (one of the previous owners, whose jerry-rigged "home improvements" we've been fixing for 3 years) to get his boat out of the dock (we share the same phone #). They asked, "Do you know where we could find him?" I shouted to DH, "No, but I'd like to track that SOB down, so I could get payback for this damned bathroom!" This guy also used tons of silicone caulking on EVERYTHING. I told DH, "We have more silicone here than a Las Vegas floor show!"

To add insult to injury, when I bought carpet at Home Depot, they asked my phone #, and input it in the pc. "Ok, Mrs. Smith, what color carpet did you want?"
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You guys have had busy days, Im just kind of living like a cat today!! Sleeping, lazing around, eating!!! (well, trying to laze around with 3 kids! )
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