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I just wanted to tell you guys.....

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that I am having difficulty finding time to come and chit-chat lately but.....I want you all to know that I think of you through-out the day!

I'm sad I can't get to everyone's posts and reply.....I miss that but, I'm hoping my life settles down some eventually.

I also wanted to know if, and only if you are interested, could you PM me your mailing addresses???? I love sending real cards and 'surprises' now and then and I don't have everyone's info.

I already have some of them (you know who you are....) But I am missing quite a few and.....I have bought an address book only for my TCS friends so....I want to fill it up!!!!!

Have a great day!

(((HUGS))) to all.....
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Ahhh sweetie..... we miss you too!!!

no worries, we'll keep you updated on the important threads!!

Like this one!


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aww G - I miss your posts but I will keep in touch.

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Ghys, of course we understand that you have a life outside of TCS. I should have posted the same type of thread, since my workload is increasing and I just don't always have time to be on as much as I would like or as much as I have been.

As long as you don't just drop off the face of the internet, and let us know how you are doing and stuff. If you do, we'll have to send a search party out for you and hunt you down!!! :tounge2:
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*Sigh of Relief*

Ghys, with all that you've had going on, I was so worried when I saw this thread! I agree with Heidi - I get chunks of time here and there, and a few minutes here and there to pop in, but I'm not on as much as I used to be either.

I miss you!!!!! I miss spending as much time on TCS as I used to, too.

But we all have responsibilities and other things going on - what is there to do? Come when you can - there are always open arms here!

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Ghys, stop in whenever you can! We'll miss you if you aren't around as often, but we all know that life has other priorities!

Take care!
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Ghyslaine, i've missed your posts lately, but i completely understand. i haven't had a lot of time lately either.

i look forward to seeing more of you when you have the time. your posts always make me smile.

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Awwww....thanks guys (gals!)

I really miss not being here as much. When I have a bit more time, I will log on and go on and on and on about what m,y life has been like these past couple days (weeks!) :LOL:'ll be begging me to take another break!

Heidi...I'm almost tempted to drop off the face of the internet just to have all you guys show up in Apple Hill!!!!! *whew* That would be some party!!!!! Probably would shock the heck out of the residence because I doubt there is ever any more than 5 people walking on the streets at a time!

(miss you guys all......but I'll eventually catch up, have a quiet day and have plenty of time!)

Oh yeah.....hmmmmmm.....almost all of the senior staff is away tomorrow! Maybe tomorrow will be quiet here!

Have a good night.

I'm going to try to come in and take a peek sometime tonight.
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This summer you should come to Toronto and have a get together with Ady and I!

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Definately! I'll have a BBQ and everyone can come!
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Sounds like a great plan!!!!!! I LOOOOVE BBQ's!!!!!
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Woohooo!!! I can't wait!!

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Of course I'll make hubby do all the work. How does smoked brisket and chicken sound with home made baked beans and coleslaw?
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Actually, I have no idea what a 'brisket' is!! But anything on the BBQ would be yummy!!

Ady, I don't think there's any rush in planning the menu yet, we have at least 3 - 4 months before we would meet! Still it's nice to think about summer days ahead, especially since we're on a warming trend. Woohoo....a high of 4C by Friday!

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(pssst....Kass, I have no idea what Brisket is either!)

I remember you saying your hubby was the BBQ king. Can't wait to savor his cooking!!! I tend to be the queen of burning food on the BBQ!
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Brisket is normally a tough cut of beef but after 15 hours on the smoker with a beer baste and homemade BBQ you can cut it with a fork!

Here is a link to my hubby when he made an eye of round!BBQ
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Wow!! Your hubby really is the BBQ King! I was laughing, because he even has his own webpage devoted to BBQ!! Now that's a BBQ conneseiure!

I can't let Rob come, he would be getting ideas of buying a smoker and a BBQ and a etc......

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You should see the neighbours gather when the smell something cooking. They are always looking for samples!
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Wow, Ady - that really IS dedication!

Ghys - am I just a dummy or what? When did you change that Avatar? It's so cute!!!!!

:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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It's OK Laurie. She just did it this morning.

You guys are making me really jealous! I wanna go to Ady's house for BBQ and socializing!!!
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im jealous too!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey - everyone is invited. For those who can't make it, the rest will gather around the computer and visit the cat site while we eat!
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Hey, we're not that far away!!!! Especially Kiwi, I've driven with my family many times to NC. Just hop on a bus or plane for Heidi. Believe me, Toronto has much to be discovered.

I'll be the tour guide!!! Follow me!

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Ghyslaine, I know how you feel...I haven't been around much lately either, and I have missed alot of posts and threads and pictures.

We understand why you are so busy lately and even though we miss you, we will always be here for you!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you every day!
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