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nursing on me?

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Our new almost 5 month old addition is nursing on me. She will lick and kneed any patch of bare skin she can find. At first I thought it was cute but now I can't stand it.

We don't live in that cold of a climate so when I am home I always wear shorts and a t shirt. Now I am always in sweat shirts and long pants. How to stop this?

Btw she went in to her first heat day before yesterday.
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This is a common behavior, especially in kittens/cats separated early from their moms. Maia was the runt of her litter and I adopted her very young, this is one of her favorite past times! She attacks my sweaters, one especially, kneads and bites it, holding it in her mouth and almost humping it! When she was a kitten I gave her a faux fur vest she absolutely loved, guess she graduated to a sweater as she got older! Having her spayed will help greatly, but what you need to do is find something she is attracted to and can do this with on her own. Faux fur object, fluffy knit, something she can shape and manipulate easily is best, that has a snuggly texture and your scent. When she approaches you in the manner of about to do this, cut it off before she even gets positioned, pick her up or lay her down next to you. Basically interrupt and change her focus from that to something else positive, a toy, rub down, whatever.
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My cat Arwen has this snuggling habit, she will suckle on anything soft she can get her paws on. Kittens do this as a comfort thing, it's what they used to do with their mothers when feeding from her.
At first when Arwen done it, I thought she was trying to get milk or something from me! So I used to put down a bowl with a tiny bit of milk in and she would leave me alone for a while, then she would start coming back and snuggle again!
After that I realised she was doing it for comfort..and what I do with her now is when she starts, I take her off me and lay her on one of my old fleece blankets, which she can snuggle into at her heart's content.

When your kitten does this, maybe find her something to snuggle into that you won't mind getting a bit wet or pawed at, it will help her feel safe.

Hope this helps!
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Ellie used to suckle on bare skin - at first mine then anyone who paid her attention! Embarrassing for visitors. I tried unsuccessfully to redirect her to toys or blankets, but she eventually grew out of it, though she is still the snuggliest of all my cats. Strangely, she is the only one of mine of whom I can definitely say she was not taken away too early from mom, as I knew her mother's owner.
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when she does it, gently push her head away with your thumb between the eyes and above. This is how mama teaches them to stop. Just do it everytime and eventually she will slow down.

When is she getting spayed?
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I will try the thumb trick. She was the second to last of the litter and was not taken too early. I do try to redirect her attention but that does not always work. She is so hard headed.

I hope to have her spayed within the month. Thank goodness the first one does not last all that long she has calmed down alot in the last 24 hours. We actually had a good nights sleep last night.

Thanks for all your wonderful suggestions again
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