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Should I be worried?

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We have two kittens, Sushi, and Sashimi. Both strays, both sisters. Sushi came to us first. Tiny, we all sat around and debated weither or not she could eat food yet.She was that small. Thank creation she could.

Few a months later we caught her sister Sashimi after her cries kept us up all night, nights on end (she can't meow any more litterally, all she can do is strangled disturbing squeek). EVEN TINIER then sushi, and ridden with fleas and car grease; we had to shave this poor kitty bald.

Now they are, we assume, getting close to a year old, and we've been realizing. All they do is drink and use the litter box. What ever water is out they'll drink. There very active, and at this moment one of them is literally climbing up my closet.

And i should mention they are all ready 3x's their former selves, though still on the smaller side. Sushi's head is the same shape and size as my mouse much to my dismay.

But should we be worred about the exsisive litter box use and drinking? They seem purdy active and healthy.
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Have them checked for Kidney Problems. My Cats darnk alot of water and peed alot with that.
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Could also be diabetes. Or are they fed totally on dry food.
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Well, except for the last month, they've been eating both. But even with canned cat food they still drank like fishes. Like I said both are still very active, matter of fact one had to be rescued from where she climbed. So I guess this is something to drag them to the vets about.

Mmm and I think Sashimi is a retarded cat. She can run from anything with out hitting a wall, or missing the fact the bed ends. She can see just fine.

Both kittens how ever are Half Persian there daddy is a pure breed that is why the owners won't nuder it. Thus we have so many STAYS in our neibor hood
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Please take them to the vet and get some basic blood work.... hopefully it is nothing but always better to know..

Welcome toTCS....

What brand of food or foods are they eating>>??
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Mmmm they love nine lives soft food and meow mix. They just graduated from kitten food cause Sashimi kept gagging on it... I told you Sashimi's retarded. She stopped gaging thankfully.

Oh, but they are HIGHLY addicted on rice. -_-

Find ride to vet should be fun. And if there's a way to post pictures I'll put up a picture of Sushi and sashimi but basically they look like samese with well colorful noses.
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you may want to try some better quality foods ... meow mix wet is okay.. do you shop only at the grocery store??
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Grocery store, petco, target, I change my habits what ever I can get a ride too. Dosn't help that money is tight. even tighter once I get them to a vet. -_-
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that should help you... plus target carrys dr fosters in most stores
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Purina narturals they don't really like the food but their wild about the natrual treats. and here :: laughs nerviously :: it's EXSPENSIVE :: looks at the kitties :: you guys are a pain in my katoosh.
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I would have a CBC and a chemistry just to make sure that everything is okay! As for the MENTALLY CHALLENGED cat (sorry the other word is just not okay by me!) I had two of them in my lifetime and they were the most loving cats in all the world! Grady was a lip sucker or a lobe sucker which I loved, and Frady was always bumping into things! Cats come in all different shapes, sizes and mental ability! Good luck to you!
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Heh, thanks. I'll need all the good luck I can get. And I guess retard is a bad name to call a cat with "limited" mental capabilities, but come on she can suddenly spurt into a dead end just to run into the wall and repeat. And I usedto have a narculeptic cat, may she RIP.
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