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Keeping Hobo, Stop getting stray discount?

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We knew the whole time we were going to keep him, my husband had a moment, and it passed. Now the thing is~

Should I let them charge as a stray even though I do intend to keep her?? Technically he is a stray, but, I dont know how that applies. I would love to get him nuetered at the discounted rate, so any advice would be helpfull!

Oh the reason he needs vet visits right now is his pads on his paw were frozen and are now coming off! (thankfully I can see living tissue through the scabs and stuff) So due to all the problems I really think that getting charged as a stray could be a very good thing.... Please let me know what you think of it!!
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The problem with his paws are the result of his having been a stray and I think it would be perfectly fine to take the discount for that. I probably would for the neutering too but definitely for the problem with the paws. If he has to be anestized for the paws then they could probably just do the neuter too and it couldn't be much more under those circumstances anyway.
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I say its okay..because strays usually have more health problems and therefore it would be nice to get that discount since you are willing to pay for the bad stuff and still keep him

I could be wrong though
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I think it totally depends upon your financial situation. The kitty was a stray and clearly suffers from those problems. However, if you can afford the services at regular price, it means more in the budget to help cats for people who really can't afford the services.

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what's wrong with hobo? i just read about her pads on her paws is there other things? I haven't been on in a while , boy what changes can happen
in just a few days!!!
take care girl!

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If my vet knew I was keeping them she wouldn't give me the stray discount, and would be pretty unhappy with me if I took a cat in the next year for routine shots etc when she had treated it as a stray. So I say no, that is the kind of thing that has led to vets not providing a stray/feral discount anymore in many places.
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Yeah, thats what I was thinking too... I should probably let the stray discount go to someone who is more desperatly in need. I just thought I should check to see what everyone else thought! Since there is vet bills associated with the pads of his paws I thought I would check! But he is home for good so Ill just pay the cost! I wasn't going to take the stray discount forever, just to fix the problems at hand right now!!

So far he has ear mites, and the pads of his paws are falling apart! That have open sores on them right now, but are getting better! He has antibiotic and creams for them!
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