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Tuesday DT

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Ick... son and I out of school still. Everything's all drippy and H ran off with my car . Not that I have any $, but I like knowing that I can go somewhere if I have to. Was going to make chocolate-chip cookies, but eggs went bad.

Anyone else having a better day?
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hello there!

Well today is laundry day, ick. hubby has the car too, oh thats right, i forgot, i cant drive!
I discovered today that I have gained 5lbs and now i feel so depressed about it so I am working on an exercise plan and eating plan so i can lose the weight. i have to lose so much that it depresses me. i want to go back to the body i had before i gained all this weight, because at this weight i really dont feel like me.....i am sure there are people out there who feel the same way as i do, and its off to the healthy living thread i go....
i have to do the vacuuming, etc etc, and I am thinking of moving the exercise bike out to the living room so that if i see it, i will exercise - is that a good idea?

Have a great day all!
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So far, I've been watching the dogs have their morning romp. Rowdy enticed Opie out of bed. Actually, she p----d him off, so much that he chased her all over the house, smacking her.

Today is Bill's birthday. I'm going to pick up a small cake and take him out to dinner. He STILL hasn't made up his mind, as to where he wants to go!

Yesterday was my brother's birthday and Bill and some of the guys, at work, grabbed him and gave him 40 swats! Mike will, probably, try to pay back Bill, today. He'll wear out his hand, with 58 swats.

Its cloudy but, warm. We may get a little rain, later.

Have a good one.
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grouchy day. i called in "late"/sick, so hopefully that will help. i didn't feel like exposing everyone else to my rotten mood and all i will miss is staff meeting which is usually just team building.

ed is racing around and just ran into a ladder. he is doing his best to entertain me. that helps.

got quite a bit of painting done. more tonight.

happy birthday to bill!

kellye - have fun with your laundry.

hope you all have a good day.
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Hi everyone! Today hasn't been a good day at all so far and its only 9:30! When I got in to work today my desk (the reception desk) was a total catastrophe!!! Over the weekend they did some construction and moved it back like 8 inches. Well, needless to say, they totally unhooked my computer and left my desk a total mess! There was dust and dirt all over my desk and they just left a big chunk of carpet that they cut off the floor on my chair!

So, I was so mad and in addition to that, I had to lug my 5 boxes of stuff that had to be cleared off my desk so they could work back to my desk and set everything back up again. I was sweating like a pig, it was ridiculous! So, here I am crawling under my desk in my nice work clothes to plug stuff in and trying to answer the phone while doing all this. I have to have my computer hooked up because the directories for the employees are on there.

So, it took me almost an hour to get my desk back in order (like I don't have better things to do, right?) and my email doesn't work because of some stupid computer migration that the IT people did over the weekend.

And in addition to all that, I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off because Friday is my last day here, so I'm trying to get everything together and train the new lady who is taking my position.

Sorry for venting, but I had to let this off my chest and I know you guys are always willing to listen. Thanks everyone!
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Spooky - here is a hug, I hope it makes you feel better soon! ((((HUG))))

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And now the neighbors (I live in a duplex) are cooking sausage... I don't have any!!! I'm reduced to eating instant oatmeal for brunch... if son remembers lunch it will be mac n' cheese. Oh, H better get paid and give me money to go to the grocery store today!!
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Sppoky - just think you are almost finished there! Did you here back about the other job? Did you get it?

I am doing ok today. It is actually a slow day at work today, so I have been here and e-mailing Rhea! Hubby was an idiot and shovel snow today - I told him I would do it when I get home. Doctor said he had broncitis and borderline pneumonia (sp?)

I eally enjoyed my girls night out last night. Dinner at the Pickle Barrel was fantastic (couldn't eat it all) and the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days was suprisingly hilarious - I couldn't stop laughing.

Cindy - give Bill a birthday hug for me!

WillieWZ - hopefully you get some good groceries soon - you have made me craze sausages now!

Kellye - do some deep knee bends while vacuuming! I have my gazelle in the middle of the room and it still doesn't encourage me to use it - good luck, but don't beat yourself up over it!
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Happy Birthday to Bill!

Spooky, I hope you can get through the day and rest of the week.

Ady, I really liked How to Lose a Guy, too. It was a pleasant surprise--and Matthew McConaughey is so darn sexy!

I am going crazy today. I went for a walk this morning just to get out of the house. I hadn't been out since Sunday. THere is so much snow piled outside, I can hardly believe. There is a huge bank of snow all down the block, about 2-3 feet high and 8 feet wide. It's where I usually park my car. Dan and I are getting ready to go out and shovel. Luckily I can walk to work, we're only shoveling out 1 car today. I guess I will wait on the spring thaw for the other car.
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Poor Spooky! I don't think they're supposed to leave a mess like that... didja complain?
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Well I'm a bit grumpy myself this morning, haven't had my coffee yet. But we found a big roll of carpet in the dumpster, so we now have carpet to make the cat tree! And Prints, the orange/white marbled tabby, apparently got fixed! I'm so happy! I think I also figured out which apartment he belongs to. But now that he's fixed, I am not worried about it.

Hope everyone has a great day, I'm gonna go get my coffee!
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Ooohh, ooohh, I want to make a tree for Willie! What materials are you using? How are you attaching the carpet?
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Don't forget to head over to the Caption This forum. Merlin and Sugarly are waiting for great quotes in picture 154
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I'm using wood, a couple of flat boards, some fence pole my dad has, and a cardboard tube originally designed for making concrete pillars. We're probably going to attach the carpet with glue and nails.
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Bill says "Thanks" for all of the birthday wishes. He STILL hasn't made up his mind, about dinner! I'm tempted to drive him to the nearest McDonald's and drop him off.
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Happy Birthday Bill! Cindy - I bet you guys end up going for Mexican. You'll have to let us know!

Sorry so many of you seem to be having lousy days!

Kellye - I know how you feel. But I've been this larger weight for a while now, and I'm getting used to being cuddly...

Thankfully it was a warm 20 degrees last night, so we got to sleep straight through the night. We dug out today - boy was that a lot of work. We got about 30 inches of snow here, and it is gorgeous but a pain in the butt!!

We're really worried about Tuxedo, who hasn't shown up since the storm. He didn't hunker down with Julius and Thanksgiving in the little condos. I posted in Behavior Forum. We don't know what more to do. Gary is beside himself upset. TUXEDO, COME HOME!!!
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oh, blah. eck. blah, blah, blah !!

anyway now that i got that out of my system. i have a project due today that i have been procrastinating... rather, have not yet been inspired to finish.

i just want to go back to bed. my back aches today. it took me an hour to get out of bed, i had to stretch a bit, and do it very slowly. gently. now all i want is to get back under the covers. and read. all day.


hope the rest of you have a better day (sniffle)

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since i was having a 'blah' kind of day, jake offered to cook the lasagne, so thank goodness, i dont have to cook tonight. i had to write down everything so he would know what to do and so I wont have to enter the kitchen. bless him!
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Bill has opted for El Corral - #1 for prime rib. He likes the shirt. Rowdy grabbed the ribbon, on the balloon and ran off with it. Bill doesn't know about the German chocolate cake, stashed in the pantry. I'm a sneaky little
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It's been a crazy day!
My mom was trying to move the stove today because she is putting in new wallpaper in the kitchen. The hose was old and brittle and it broke and we had a major gas leak. I was at school when it happened, but I'm told that there were firetrucks all the way down my street and the road was closed. My bedroom is a mess because the firemen came in to get all the windows open, and they knocked my dresser over in the mayhem. They evacuated the entire building (I live in a duplex). Mom locked all the animals in her bedroom because she figured they wouldn't get in there, but the firemen did. Squawk got out of his cage and was flying everywhere, I'm so thankful he didn't get out the window! The firemen opened all the doors in the house to air it out, and they didn't realize Socks was an inside cat and almost let her out. Then we thought she'd gone was so scary. But everything's back to (almost) normal now, and I'm so happy to have my purrball in my lap purring. It's a bit chilly though, because we just got the gas turned back on so the furnace hasn't had a chance to catch up!

Other than that, I was looking around the hardware store today during lunch and I found the bicycle that I've always wanted. I think I'll buy it for myself as a birthday present.
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I found out today why I haven't felt good, I have bronchitis,I stayed home from work,went to the Dr.He gave me Albuterol,hope it works soon! I can't afford to take another day off work!
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Ewww... get well Sherral! That bronchitis is nothing to sneeze at. And albuterol...ugh, my son and my niece have had quite a lot of experience with it. What a pain! But I do seem to remember that the Albuterol made my niece nice n' sleepy... then again when my nephew was on it, it revved him up! Hopefully, it'll have a good effect on you!
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