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Things you can do...

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Okay - I've uploaded a couple of dozens of avatars so everyone can use them - even kittens!

Kittens can choose from 6-8 avatars all based on the white cat cartoon.

Young cats can choose any of the avatars there.

Adult cats can do that or they can upload their own customized avatar.

To choose an avatar, go to your member control panel, that's the little purplish button at the top of the page where it says user cp.

When there you need to click on the link to edit options and then scroll down to where it says change avatar.

While you're on the profile page, please add your date of birth. This will make the forum announce your birthday when it comes (I don't think it'll show your age though )

You may also want to fill in the location, as it now shows next to your user title.
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wow Anne... I did it! I added the alvatar to my profile. The cat I chose looks just like my Lily. I would like to use a custom one, but I am not sure where to get it from.

I will keep working on it. Thanks
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Anne, I just wanted to let you know that I sent you a zip file of our avatars. I think I sent it with my masseyfamily.net address instead of the hystersisters.com address though. I have a few kitties in there too.
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I really like that one (and not because I made it )
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Hi Susan and welcome! we must have posted at the same time

Thanks for the avatars - I am not at home at the moment so I'll check it out tomorow.

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Did I do it? I'm trying to change my avatar. Did it work? I guess we'll know in a minute! I'm so impressed with all you computer folks who act like this stuff is second nature!! I'm clueless!
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Hehehe, that's my favorite avatar too, Mindi.
I've got my custon one all done and all set to put up in a few days. I should have 100 posts by then
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I Love the little kitty avatar! And being able to just click on the smiley you want instead of typing in the word is so much easier & faster:flash:
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I've added some new avatars yesterday (I see some of you are already using them ).

Alpha cats - get your customized avatars free of charge right here
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Thanks Anne for the new avatars. This one almost looks like my kitty Isis, only her points are not as dark & she's a platumn blond Tonk.
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