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first cat

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hi, i adopted my first cat today. his name is angus and he's five years old. i visited the shelter three times and played with several cats before making my decision. there was one cat in particular that i kept going back to visit. he had surgery to have one of his eyes removed. i was very moved by the story of this cat, but in the end i decided to go with angus. it was a difficult decision. i know the cat who had the surgery will be just fine. the head of the shelter told me he will be in great hands until she is adopted, and that he will remain at the shelter until that day. i adopted the cat at noon and received an addendum to my apartment lease. it gave a bunch of rules including i must have the cat declawed. i am against this procedure and refuse to have it done. does anyone have any advice or knowledge of the laws? i will be putting softpaws on my cat tomorrow. there is NOTHING about declawing in my lease. the landlord did not mention this when i told her i'd be adopting. the shelter called her and she did not ask about it. i believe that i can fight this, but i need a little help and guidance. i may be fretting about nothing. the addendum is now part of my lease, but unlike my lease she just dropped it off. she told me i could adopt before i sign the addendum and take a picture for my file. i'm supposed to give the proof from the vet that my cat was declawed. any advice or encouragement would really help me right now.

ps- i believe that declawing is a very very personal decision that every pet owner has to make on his/her own. i have thought very hard on it and have decided that it is not something that i will have done, however, i place no judgement on other pet owners. thanks.
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Declawing is terrible. See if you can fight it. My Aunt had her Cat declawed years ago and it almost killed her. She fell off a porch and had nothing to grab on with and ended up with a big hole in her side. It is the persons choice if they want to ahve it done. something I will never do. I hope you ahve fun with your Cat.
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Hi and congratulations on adopting Angus.

We have had a few members that have been successful in getting the declaw clause removed from their lease. Hopefully one of them will be around soon to offer advice. I believe they agreed to use softpaws, pay for any damage done by the claws and explained exactly what declawing entails. Hopefully these links can help with the last part:





Just a note - This thread is not a declaw debate. The OP has stated that she needs help with her landlord and does not intend on declawing this cat. Please stick to the topic and provide her with helpful advice.
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I'm not sure how to get around it. But I know my sister moved into a place that didn't require it. Then under new management the rules changed. Since she was already there, she just never told them and they never asked for proof. So she hasn't declawed her cats. (and she never will, trust me)

We lived in a place that required it for a few years, but my cats were adopted already declawed by previous owners. Of course if a kitty came into our lives with it's claws, it would keep them.

Perhaps you could convince them if you use Soft Paws or Soft Claws?
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I'd fight it and have them change the addemdum to state that you will be held responsible for any damage the cat does. But put on the Soft Paws to show them you are serious about NOT declawing and taking responsibility.

It would help if you had a lawyer to back you up on what happened before you got the paper. I'd contact one and explain the situation - do not sign the paper till you get it straightened out.
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FIrst of all, good for you for making an informed decision.

Second of all......I don't know how strict your landlord is about this stuff, but I would just not do it to start with and hope it goes away (haha ok not the best tactic)

But if she does come asking for the proof, or insisting, I agree with golden kitty and get her to write up a clause or legal contract that says you will take responsibility for any damage.....which is ridiculous anyways because really the only thing the cat would possibily damage with his claws is really your own personal belongings.......what a silly silly rule.

Good luck and enjoy your kitty!!! Post pictures sometime!!
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No so silly, some cats can tear up a carpet or damage walls with scratching. But on the other hand, a declawed cat who decides NOT to use the litter pan cause their feet hurt and pees on the carpet/wood, etc. is FAR more damaging then a few scratches or torn carpet!
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That stinks about the issue. My landlord doesn't know we have a cat...

The only thing I thought of is that maybe this is a sign that Angus isn't the perfect cat for you and perhaps there is an already declawed cat at the shelter whom you could provide a great home to? I'm sure you are already attached to Angus--I just try and find good things that can come from bad situations.

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Just for the record - Pepper has been wearing Softpaws for a little over a week now and has had no problems with them. It's been a great way to let her still have the ability to hold onto things without scratching. Let your landlord read up on them and hopefully he'll decide it's okay. Good luck!
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