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It was almost SO good!

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Let me start this by saying that I love my husband dearly, and he's doing so much while I'm out of action after my surgery - taking the month off work, cooking, cleaning, shopping, and even doing things I can't do like wash my own hair.

He's not the most natural of cooks though... Tonight he decided to make my favourite - a hearty beef stew with my favourite recipe. It was all going so well, and he put a heap of extra veggies in, and it all tasted fantastic. Until.... right before he was getting ready to serve it (it'd been cooking for about 3 hours), he decided to put GARLIC into it!!!! Not only garlic, but a huge spoonful of raw garlic I love my garlic, but not raw in something with such delicate, particular flavours.

It made it so nauseating I couldn't eat it. He looked so disappointed when I said I couldn't finish it. I felt like such an ungrateful cow given all he's done for me! I ended up saying it was still my taste buds doing funny things... In each mouthful I kept getting raw minced garlic. Poor guy, he's trying so hard.

Has anyone managed to disappoint with your favourite recipe?
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My DH can manage to screw up any recipe! I have the 5 hour beef stew that I just love, and he always decides to do something dumb and add a bottle of ketchup while Im not looking!! Makes me mad!! He could put the kethchup in his bowl so the rest of us dont have to eat it, but if he gots to eat it, everyone has too! Or he doesn't read the instructions properly, and the other day he added 2 3/4 cups of milk instead of 3/4 cups milk! It was so blah that I just couldn't eat it!
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Oh yes!

I have a recipe for "Ambrosia Squares". It's a no bake dessert and so yummy.

I gave the recipe to a friend of mine so she could make it for our Christmas dinne (I ended up cooking the turkey because her stove broke a couple days before Christmas).

She changed the recipe so much that it tasted "different" and I didn't like it at all. I was so disappointed..and must admit quite insulted that she felt the need to change my recipe!!!
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what I hate is when my hubby salts everything. I season it but he salts it without tasting to see if it NEEDS salt. But when I am cooking, I have him taste some of the stuff to see if it needs more seasoning. Even then he will put MORE salt on it!

But my hubby gave me the ultimate complement. He said I was a better cook than his mom! LOL
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Yes and it kind of weird, he can make chips and frozen food where as i will stuff it up, but if you ask me to cook a delicate meal like roast and sauces and pasta anything that is not FROZEN then i am the best cook.

He does make delicious chips though
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