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litter box trouble...

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ok, two issues here. the first one is, my older cat frisky, hasnt been using the litter box she goes on the floor in front of it. is it because there are 2 new cats using it or what? and how can i stop it?

and the second is the cats in my bedroom arent always using the litter box either, they are ruining(sp?) my floor. HELP!
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Does each cat have their own box?
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3 cats need atleast 2 litter boxes, 3 is better....
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Yeah - 1 box per cat, plus 1 for good measure, if you've got available space to put it. Sometimes they "synchronize" and need to go at the same time, so if the box is taken then you might have some problems.
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ok, so what do i do when there is no extra room to have 1 box per cat?
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Try a larger pan and see if it helps - also have them checked out for UTI - most litter box problems are due to urinary track infections or blockage.
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Have you changed litter recently? And is your current one covered?
If you only have one litterbox, you might want to get more, because some cats won't go in a litterbox for fear of being attacked by another cat when coming out, especially if it's covered.
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i've got a total of 4 in the house right now. 2 upstairs for the ones in my room that are here temporarly. and 2 downstairs for the permanent cats. one permanent large covered box in the bathroom, and one little temporary one in the living room for the kittens
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I have the same problem with a cat peeing just outside the box!!! Really annoying.

I have six litter boxes now for 4 cats. I have even tried keeping the litter trays clean and buying new litter trays for them. Now what happens is they all seem to use the same litter box which gets filled up with urine really quickly and they leave the other ones unused. They also seem to alternate which boxes they use.

I find this weird because I was under the impression they were demanding clean litter trays and more of them so they could have one each.
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