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A Chuckle for You

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My friend sent me this quote I got such a laugh out of it I just had to share.

Support bacteria. They're the only culture some people have.
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That is a good quote..... I must store it away for a useful moment!!!
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that's good
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That is quite hilarious. (sp?) I know some people for whom this quote was created for.
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And I agree with you there!

A friend of mine would love to have that as a personal quote, he would find it amusing...
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Love that...SO TRUE!
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Nice one
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Very funny!!
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Very funny!!!
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lmao! that's a good one, thanks for posting that!
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ehehehehehe ok that was funny!
I like some of the other bumper stickers you can get in the UK... the favourite of all time is:

Support your local undertaker. Drop Dead.
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That's funny!!


Both remind me of another:

Support your local coast guard... Get Lost!
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