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Hmmm, the butt- - look at the last pic I posted of the mastiff -clickable thumbnails-(sorry!)
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I know....the bum is Mastiff! Gotta do some googling here....
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I'm still seeing something bully in the face -staffs and pits are smaller breeds though so more likely american bulldog. If you really do think he's a staff mix you could always label him a terrier mix.
(on a somewhat related note.. has anyone else noticed that boston terrier mixes sometimes turn out looking bully?)

catsallover - As for there color, light and dark buck skin is common in a lot more breeds then just mastiffs.
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Yeah, I know . I was just comparing among the 3 breeds I was talking about, sorry for not being more specific . Though, he looks more red in the newer pics...

Hee hee, the "booger marks"! I found where my dh had parked in the Walmart parking lot one day (he dropped me off to run in, and I forgot my cell phone to call him when I came out *duh*) by the "Mattie marks" all over the passenger side window .
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Maybe go with "boxer/hound" mix - that should cover it
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More pictures of Maximus the Great! He's a doll.

When he goes to sleep, he just kind flops down. Back legs flipped out behind him, front paws stuck off to one side, head off to the other side. He's like a colt, he just splays out!!

Max, Macey, & Coco (Left to Right)

Max wants me to throw the ball

Those gangly legs got the best of him again


See? My head isn't that big!

Mr. Dainty Paws!

Mmmmm....eat the ball

His head really isn't that big....it just always seems to look so in his pictures!
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