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Blockage Tonight

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Hi All,

Tonight we noticed our cat was straining and just acting lethargic. We immediately took him to the emergency vet. The vet just called to give us an update. He had a complete blockage, the vet said the first catheter he inserted unblocked him. He ran some blood work and said his kidneys and everything looks fine, no blood etc. He said we caught it early he said. He did say he had a ton of crystals. We have been feeding him Wellness for the past 6 months. He is planning on putting him on Hills prescription science diet c/d. I asked him about the nutrition quality of the food and he said while it's not the most nutritional food nothing works better at lowering the chance of struvite crystals forming. He is keeping him in the hospital until sunday for more bloodwork and flushing his system out, etc.

For those of you who have already went through this in the past, if we eliminate the crystals does that pretty much guarantee no future blockages or is that not true? If not what else can we do. Also for those of you who used the c/d prescription how effective was it at eliminating
crystal formation when you had future urine analysis done. How often do I need to do this?


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I have had WONDERFUL luck with the hills science diet c/d! BooBoo loves it, and after losing Tissy to complete blockage (the vet squeezed his stomach and his bladder exploded) we have had to be very careful! He normally gives me a good warning when I try to feed him something different and he doesnt like it! He will pee on something that cannot every be missed! Like a diaper bag! I hope your kitty does well also!
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I am glad your Cat got to the Vet in time. I lost Frisky to a Blokage in 1979 at age 1.5 Years old. I have a Cat with Bladder Problems right now but she is a Girl and she is on C/D. My Sisters Cat Midnight has Blocked 2 times before and is on C/D. Since the C/D he hasnt Blocked at all. The 2nd time it happened we had to go to the San Fran Bay Area at 8 at Night. We got a Phone call from my Brother to come fast. He was taking care of midnight beacuse my Sister could not have Cats where she was. We took him to a Er Vet in San Mateo and then the next day to our Vet here. let us know how your Cat does.
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My boyfriend's cat was blocked a few years ago. He did well on the c/d, but he did start developing crystals again after being on another food for a while. He's back on c/d now and doing fine (though he needs to lose a few pounds). If your cat has only been eating dry food, adding canned can help dilute the urine and reduce the likelihood of crystals and/or a blockage. Some cats also drink more water if they have a water fountain.
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Wellington had an emergency procedure for urinary blockage last year. The vet did not put him on a special diet, though said to monitor him in case it returned. In his case it was a bladder stone, and the vet said to give all the cats calcium-free water as we live in a very hard water area. They now drink more expensive mineral water than I do, and they love it from their fountain, but I feel reassured that I am doing all I can.
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Charlie had UTI - he's on Royal Canin for Urinary - I don't like SD foods. If your vet can get the RC (Waltham), then try that instead.
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