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The Jellicles you barely know - Freeway

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Freeway doesn't fall into the category of Jellicles barely known - at all In fact, I spent several months posting his pictures. But, no telling of tales of the Jellicle Tribe would be complete without him, so here is our boy's story.

Earlier this year, our plant incorporated several new robot logistics vehicles into plant operations. (They are really cool, by the way) But, co-existing with them and assigning them tasks took quite a bit of training, so, we all had to put in some extra training days. I hate training days, simply because I have a 28 mile (one way) commute, and to do that for 4 hours of training just seems like a waste of some very expensive gasoline. But, the job pays for all the toys, so I took my grumbling self to work and sit through the classes.

I was driving home after the training, and was almost to the little community of Smith's Grove, right where the highway is divided by this tall, wide concrete median;

Right at the very end of the median, on the top right up against the highest section of wall, was a little fluffy ball. I was just able to tell that it was a kitten just before I was past it. There is an Interstate interchange at Smith's Grove, so I exited and got back on going back in the other lane. When I got there, the little guy was still sitting there, not moving. I picked him up and he latched solidly onto my shirt. All I had in the car was a cardboard box, so I punched a few holes in it, and in he went. Then I checked the ditches along the highway, but didn't find any more kittens. We went the last 6 miles to the house, traded the box for a pet taxi, and went to see Dr. Cathy. As he was found on the Freeway, it just seemed fitting that it be his name

It just wasn't possible to keep Freeway Carbuckety in his room. He was so tiny (5 weeks approx) that he could simply dash under the door.

He got a few hisses from other Jellicles, but he was so young he didn't know to be afraid, and for the most part he forced himself onto the others. In just a couple of days, he was being cleaned and cuddled. My deaf kitty, Peanut Butterum, took to him the fastest, and for all practical purposes, adopted him.

Just like Hobo did before him, Freeway discovered that Mischief was "the man" to hang out with;

But he also discovered that when theres trouble afoot, there is no better "partner in crime" that Hobo Skimbleshanks!

There is still growing left to do, but for now, our Freeway Carbuckety is becoming a very big boy

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What a wonderful story! He's such a sweetie! I still remember that picture you posted of him with spaghetti on his head, hehe
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What a wonderful story. ....and you either love the musical "Cats" or The Book of Practical Cats!
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That's a great story!
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My favorite fur pics of 2007 is of Freeway trying to get Trace to play.

BTW - one of my ancestors came from the Smith's Grove area.
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Freeway is famous...I have loved watching him grow up
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Ahhh the spaghetti pic... Mike, you need to do a big Freeway pic thread - the kid has the funiest photos!!!! He is definitely the funniest Jellicle!
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Sign me up for the Freeway fan club.
What a wonderful story.
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how adorable
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