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Teddys first needle

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Aww my little Teddy got his first needle today! He was such a good litle boy he just sat there and took it, which is more than i can say for him on the way to the vet. He hates travelling. He just could not sit still and be quiet! but i suppose he made up for it once we got there! i love my Teddy
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Wow, I'm jealous.
When Ishy got her first shot, she yelled like a banshee. The vet told me that Torties are often drama queens, though. You should have heard her bellow when she got some fluids at the ER.
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Awww! Poor kitties...I hate having to take mine to any vet trip, they don't like the journey over there in the first place, always poking their paws out of the basket door as if they want to escape! As soon as they get there though, they are fine..

I can remember when Brandy had to have an operation when his leg got shot to pieces by an air rifle last year, my poor baby went through so much those 8 weeks..I think he has gotten used to needles and all sorts by now.

I will explain in another thread what happened to him, as it is such a long story..
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Yeah, I hope I don't have to take either of mine to the vet's before it gets a bit warmer out. I have a Cat Pack, a backpack carrier, because I don't have a car and so have to bike to the vet's. It's only two miles; but I still wouldn't want to have to carry a cat through freezing temperatures like that. But they hate the cab much worse than the backpack carrier, because they can't see out...
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when cookie got a deworming needle and she squirmed and cried but calmed down a few seconds later
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