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I am soooo best friend in all the world was diagnosed with mast cell cancer yesterday. There is a small tumor on her face, and now the beginning stages has spread to her spleen.

I saw that KittysMom on here had the same issue as I do...but I can't figure out how to contact her. Therefore, I am posting my question here.

Tell me your chemotherapy stories - any success?

I am trying to decide whether or not to do it. My cat is 11 years old. She's diabetic and has inflamatory bowel disease, BUT she''s happy and very energetic... YOU WOULD NEVER KNOW SHE HAD CANCER if you didn't see the bump located between her eye and nose.

I''m hesitant on the chemo because of how sensitive she is with the IBD and the diabetes..and my goal is to make her time her as happy as possible. The vet said they aren't going to do surgery to remove the tumor because of the fact that it's already started to spread.
I am for sure going to try homeopathic methods. Has anyone tried any of these products:
1. Azmira
2. Transfer Factors
3. ES Clear
4. Pet Life formula
5. Pet Alive Caps

ps. I can't change her food because everytime I do, she starts to vomit due to the IBD. She is on Feline-ID prescription diet.