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My Morning Encouragement...

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This morning, I had a very tough time getting out of bed and wanting to go to work, I was exhausted and just drained from the week. Seamus, for the first time ever in two years, got on top of me and was pawing at me to get up, usually he just sits at the foot of the bed as I hit snooze a few times and waits for me to get up... I swear he knew "I better get her up soon or she won't!" And then, as I was getting my clothes ready, hopped onto the bed and was being very, very loving, following me along the bed as I went around the room and got my clothes together to iron, where usually he's out of my way as I stumble around getting ready... so I sat with him and he was right on me, I put my arms around him and held him as he purred away and rubbed his face on mine... which, again, is rare for the morning, and even in general he hates smothering, and I was smothering him a little...

I have to say, though the rest of the day was pretty tiring, I went into work feeling pretty good because Seamus took the time to give his mommy a little encouragement and calm my nerves... I'm contantly amazed at the effect he's had on my life... he was found at 4 months old near train tracks, so I know my effect on his as positive, but today he reminded me of how much he has calmed me and how many times he's made me smile after a bad day...
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Cats are wonderful creatures!!! My Glitch use to get me through tough times!!
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That is so sweet!
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I take back every word... he's too quick on the uptake.. he pawed at me and snuggled with me yesterday and it was cute but today being Saturday, I didn't need either, just wanted a couple extra hours of sleep and he pawed, then pounced, then pawed and pounced, and I had to yell at him to cut it out... hopefully this doesn't become routine
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The concept of Saturday and Sunday really doesn't jive with them, does it?
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