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Oh no Diane I am SO sorry RIP Stormy
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I'm so so so sorry to hear this!

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I am so very sorry for your loss. Those that are not animal lovers, can never understand how much the death of a loved furbaby can hurt.
I am sending my prayers, that you will feel some peace in knowing she is over the Bridge...playing with lots of her friends.
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I was really saddened to see this this. I can't begin to imagine how you are feeling right now. Stormy is playing happily now without any pain and thanking you for the wonderful care and love that you have shown.
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I am so sorry Diane it is a terrible disease I know the pain you are feeling as does everyone else .
Don't regret the choice you made for Stormy it was a far better one even though its not the choice we want. My Heart goes out to you
RIP Beautiful Girl maybe you and Mickey can chase Butterflies together
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So sorry for your thoughts are with you

RIP Stormy
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Diane, I am terribly sorry!!

May your sweet baby play happily and pain free over the bridge!
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I am so sorry for your loss. It's never easy losing a furbaby and for it all to happen so quickly!

Stormy is now young and free from pain and playing with all the other kitties who have crossed the bridge. Be free little one
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Oh Diane, I'm so sorry. I had no idea she was so sick.

RIP Stormy. Watch over your meowmy; she misses you very much.
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Thanks again for your warm thought everyone.

It's still hard to believe she is gone. She didn't seem to have any symptoms of kidney disease. Another of my RB kitties Blackie died from renal failure but he had symptoms and was diagnosed about 5 months before he passed.

All of the other kitties seem fine. Winnie didn't really get along with her sister so I don't think she realizes Stormy is gone. Spyder was meowing around for the first couple of days but is not doing it now.

Here's one of my best pics of her

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Condolences on your sad loss of Stormy - what a beautiful, beautiful pic. How courageous you were to allow her to have a quick, easy passing - it is such a difficult decision to make. I had to have a stray that I found put down due to kidney failure - I rescued her from San Diego & never found her owners - that was hard enough, let alone one of my babies. Only knowing first hand the misery & pain of kidney problems gave me the courage to do it.
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Oh sweetie, i am soo sorry to hear this My thoughts are with you right now
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Rest in Peace Beautiful Stormy You were such a darling girl
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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
Oh Diane! I didn't realize she was so sick. RIP sweet Stormy, look for Smudge over the Rainbow Bridge.
same here! you did the right thing for her [i know you know that] but it's hard all the same
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My gosh,

I had no idea - I'm so sorry Diane. I hope you are doing better now and have begun mending your heart.

Play happily Stormy!
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I am sorry for your loss! RIP Stormy
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