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Yoshi 9/23/02-1/11/08

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Yoshi had to be Pts today.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP Yoshi.
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I'm so sorry. RIP Sweet Yoshi
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My heart is with yours. I will keep you close in my thoughts as well.
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So Sorry that you have lost Yoshi.
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I'm so sorry, RIP Yoshi
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I'm so sorry for your loss.
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I'm so sorry. We've lost too many lately. RIP sweet Yoshi, Smudge will play with you over the Rainbow Bridge.
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Thanks All,
I just had to ahve Stormy Pts Dec 5th because her Kidneys were gone and now Yoshi because Kidney Stones. I did get some of his fur and got to say goodbye before he got the shot. I cried on Coco.
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I am so, so, so sorry.

But Yoshi was very, very loved, and I'm sure he's sending you and Coco back all the love you've given to him.

Play happily over the bridge sweet Yoshi!

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You were loved very much, play across the bridge happily
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Hey sis, Yoshi & Stormy are together again. Maybe I'll convince Barb to drive up there so I can visit next week.
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I'm so very sorry you lost your precious Yoshi. This must be too much pain and loss for one heart to suffer. Yoshi and Stormy are so happy and healthy now in Heaven watching over their Mom and beloved Coco. You will be in my prayers during this difficult time of grief.
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I'm sorry you lost your meow meow; my Moo Moo that was lost in May has much good company.
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Thanks All,
The Vet let me have as much time as I wanted with him before thye took him to get the Shot. I did not go in when they did that. He is with all your Cats that died and all my others that died.
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RIP Yoshi.
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Oh how sad.
Rest in peace precious Yoshi.
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I am so very sorry for your loss of Yoshi and Stormy.

May they both Rest In Peace.
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I am very sorry for your loss. You've been through the ringer this last month. That's a lot to have to handle so please do something really nice for yourself. And know you are not alone.
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The Vet left us a message saying the Ashes are in. We will get thm tomorrow or Friday. I realy dread getting them. I will put them next to Stormys,Stripes and Lucys.
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that is nice, I wish i had done that years ago
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I'm so sorry for your loss

rest in peace, sweet Yoshi
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I apologize for not seeing this thread before...may Yoshi rest in peace I am very sorry for your loss
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The last few months have been terrible. Coco was sick first with a Bladder Infection that finally was neg the day Yoshi was Pts. On Dec 4th I found Stormy falling over with Drool coming out of her mouth that smelled. We went to the Vet fast but they said she didnt have a chance. We did let them try and she stayed overnight hoping she would improve but her kidneys were gone. We didnt even know she was Sick. She would throw up sometimes and Drool a little. Last April some of her fur fell out but it grew back. She had to be Pts on Dec 5th which would have been my Granmas Bday. Last May we took Yoshi to the Vet because he was losing weight. The vet thought he had a dry form of Fip and she found over 10 Kidney Stones in each Kidney and in the tubes going to the Kidneys there was some. It was never proved it was Fip. He was given 6 Months to 2 Years to live but only lasted until Jan. He went from 14 Pounds to 5.2. Then last week Meeko was acting Sick. We took her to the Vet and her fever was over 104. She is better now. She would not Eat or Drink. She also was very upset when Stormy and Yoshi. Stormy was her best friend and Yoshi her only kitten. They asked if Stormy had any of teh recalled food last year but her and Meeko ate the same so we had Meeko get tested and everything is fine. That is also how Meeko got Sick. She picked something up at the Vets. I do have Pics but do not know how to Post them here.
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Such tragic losses - you must be very strong to be dealing with it so well. IMO, your grandma got a wonderful kitty named Coco to be her birthday present over RB. Can you imagine, your grandchild's cat to be a little angel trotting by your side, & giving you purrs and headbutts - sounds like Heaven to me
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Thanks All,
Coco I still have she is almost 16. Stormy is the one that died on what would have been my granmas Bday. She hated Cats.
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R.I.P Yoshi
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