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Pet owner mind link

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Do you think that people can have a mind link with their cats? Once I had a dream that Popsie knocked the TP in the toilet and when I got up... the TP was in the toilet. Then the other night I dreamed that Popsie was having trouble pooing but he finally got it out. The next day there was a big round clump of poo by his litter box, the kind he gets when he can't poop. Weird huh.
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I definitely believe there is a link there. I've had similar experiences where I'm dreaming something that a cat has done and wake up and they've done it. Also, one day I couldn't find Lt. Bear anywhere, I called for her and just couldn't find her. So I "yelled" for her in my head. She came out of her hiding spot right away!
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I don't know wether it's a link or not but I do know my three are always sitting in the window watching for me when I come home even if I am early or late.
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Im not sure about my kitty family in general, it may just be Im used to thier body language. Cocoa however its for sure. He almost NEVER meows but Ill wake up from a dead sleep to let him out (he doesnt "go" in the litterbox) and I can feel it from the farthest room when he is at the door waiting to get back in. tons and tons of other things, but thats so obviouse my BF has commented on it.
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I absolutely think there is.

Several times I've had dreams about food. The first one was when Swanie was going in for surgery the next day and I couldn't leave food out for them. I dreamed that I was laying on my side with my arm extended, their food bowl in my hand, and Cindy was eating out of it. I woke up, and Cindy was on the bed staring at me. The second time I was just late on a weekend. I dreamed that DH came up the stairs with a large can in his had and said "How do you open this thing?" I woke up, and sure enough, there was Cindy. I couldn't figure out if she was telling me to get up and feed her or explain to DH how to open the can so he could feed her (since I'm the one who always feeds them their canned food, maybe she thought he didn't know how to open it ). The third time, I was also sleeping late on a weekend. I dreamed that I got up, opened a can, put the food in their dishes, and put the dishes in front of them in the hallway. When I woke up, I honestly couldn't remember if I actually did that, or it was a dream, but both of them were sitting beside the bed staring at me. And there was no food in the hallway.

When Misty lived in the neighborhood and visited frequently, I would be just going about my business and suddenly I would think "I should check for Misty!" Sure enough, she would be there. Once I woke up from a sound sleep thinking I should check for her, but I was so tired I just started falling back asleep. Just as I was starting to doze, I heard this loud RING! in my head, like a doorbell or an alarm clock. Got up, and sure enough, she was on the deck under our bedroom window.
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Originally Posted by luvmycat1 View Post
Do you think that people can have a mind link with their cats?
For sure!
Lots of times I only have to call out for them in my mind (my cats go outside) and sure enough they'll come running!
I have a closer link with my senior Joji. I was cuddling one of the youngsters and suddenly I felt "sad". I looked up and there was Joji looking at me like she was asking "don't you love anymore?". I guess she did not enjoy seeing me cuddling the other kitty. Aww!
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I had a dream once where my cat told me something practical, but something I do think was real in it's own strange way. I was sitting cross-legged on the floor, and she came up to me for lovins just like normal except she was about the size of a large leopard instead. In reality, she was by far the smallest of the three we had and was tiny by any stretch of the imagination. But she acted and carried herself like she was the big boss, so that's why I think she was dreaming to me, so I could see what she really was.
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