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How intelligent are your cats?

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Beauty was probably at the back of the queue when brains were handed out because:
  • When I open the door she stands there like she doesn't have a clue what the door is for
    It took her a long time to realise what beds are for
    She's scared of birds
    She's scared of toys that make a noise
    She sometimes eats when sat in her litter tray

I could go on for a while with that list!
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But you love her anyway.
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Our Woodward isn't the smartest kitty in the world, but we love him a lot and he's definitely one of the sweetest kitties!
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Sealink is my Houdini cat, though it's more about getting her INTO things than OUT of them. She once opened a zipped suitcase. I have no idea how. She's the brains of the operation.

Cybot, bless her heart, is none too bright. She'll stand at the top of the stairs and do her very quiet plaintive meow that she uses to call for me when I'm in the no-cat zone. But she'll do it when I'm RIGHT THERE downstairs at my desk. As soon as I call her she comes racing back. She forgets I'm there, I guess?
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Well our Miles is all beauty no brains lol, sometimes he just doesn't get things but we love him anyhoo. Nymeria is pretty much all instinct, she wants to chase and attack stuff, and get any nearby food by whatever means she must. She is pretty quick to figure things, but its definitely a more instinctual intelligence, Nymeria is really good at mimicking what the other cats do as well. Min on the other hand is the bright one, she is very trainable we've got her to fetch small objects... (which Nymeria does also), sit, stand (prairie dog style), and roll over on command... she is more like a dog sometimes. Min definitely takes time to plot what she wants to do, you can see the gears turning I swear. Where Min will sit and figure out the best way to get the treats on top of the fridge... while Nymeria has already gotten them but has tore down everything in her way in the process, while Miles is simply eating a dust bunny under the bookshelf lol. We love them all though lol.
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Nadette is my Marilyn Monroe kitty. She looks really pretty and is sweet.

Smudge surprised me the other day. He's the only animal in the house that realizes the laser light comes from the pointer and goes for it rather than the light.
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my cat's can open doors LOL! & they know exactly when grubs up!
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I have to say my guys are pretty smart they certainly manage to train me well.
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Piper is obsessed with Tuna, and if we go in the cabinet its in or use the can opener, she meows like crazy!! She just knows... ha

Zooie knows his name better then anything and knows when he's being talked about, even when we're looking to other way.

Trinity isnt too bright haha, she runs into things alot but I love her!

Buba loves to be brushed with a broom so when i'm sweeping, he always lays down and drags himself along behind me until I brush him!

Baru acts clueless but knows how to get into ANYTHING!

Mama can always figure out when to try and dart outside

Nanna knows when I'm home for good or when I'm leaving. Mainly because when I'm leaving, I have pants on, when I'm not, I have shorts on. I've purposely done both repetively just to test her, and if I have on pants, she meows and looks upset, if its shorts, she just chases her tail and acts like nothing wrong if I walk out of my room.
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Each one of my kitties can open doors, they jump up at the handle and pull it down to let themselves in/out.

My dearly beloved, and sorely missed Tigger (RIP ) used to sit on our doorstep and pull the door knocker to let us know she was outside..we would hear it knocking and go to the door thinking we had a visitor, and we would look down to see Tigger sitting there!
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I suppose Milla and Tilli are pretty average. They can open doors and know quite a few words etc. but nothing out of the ordinary.

Usva was a true genius, she could do anything and understood everything. Timotei on the other hand wasn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, more like a friendly puppy.
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Sonic is very intelligent and uses his brains to his advantage, working out ingenious ways to become the centre of attention and generally get what he wants

Radar bless his little heart, he's intelligent in that he can open doors and figure out how to do things, but he's not very bright when it comes to the common sense end of the scale - he's the sort of cat that has to be rescued from daft situations he's gotten himself into, and he also has a habit of jumping up to grab me when I'm at the computer and hitting his head on the underside of the desk - nearly 2 years old and still hasn't learned any lessons about that particular behaviour
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I think Trout is pretty smart...she doesn't show signs of being short on brains anyway. She is smart enough to know that if she brings me something, I will throw it for her..then she brings it back. That is pretty cool I think.

She knows that every morning when the coffee maker turns on, I will be up in a matter of minutes and runs in and jumps up for some lovin.
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Tailer is very smart. He knows how to open doors and how to get into just about any container that he decides he wants to get into. He's learned how to open the canister where his food is kept. He knew how to open the treat jar, too, but he couldn't get a good enough grip on it, so he just knocked it off the counter and broke it instead. He also figured out a long time ago that no matter what he does we won't do anything really horrible to him, so he's willing to live with the repercussions of any naughty thing he wants to do. He's also taught the other cats how to do naughty things.

Forest likes to act dumb...he tries to play the handicapped card, but he's really pretty smart. He can figure out most things that he puts his mind to.
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Cocoa is an absolute genious. Im like a mother with a kid on the honor roll, Im so proud of him. He knows every word out of my mouth. He helps me rescue strays that need help, and usually only brings one if we dont already have one. Hes like a kid at christmas, I have to spell things I dont want him to know. He has also helped "tame" ferals so we could find them homes (he doesnt look at them or even pick his head up, just his ears show that he realizes a feral kitten is trying to eat his tail)

Nala is pretty much instinct girl. Shes by no means dull, but shes the lowest on the IQ scale in the house. She doesnt understand the "if it hurts, dont do it" thing.

Yandros is feral on one hand, like being food agressive from his first solid bite (even though he was only kitten and spoiled by all) but also shows good understanding of how things work and what words are, even at a few months old.

My boyfriends cat, Aki, Im still getting a bead on. He can be very reserved when he wants to.

One of my old cats, Kawi (RIP) learned how to pee in the toilet and flush by watching my male roommate do it!! Nala still runs in and watches the toilet flush every time, I guess she never understood why he used it.
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When I say, "Zane, do you want your dinner?" he runs over to the cabinet where I keep his food and pounds on the door with his front paws.
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Kit is too smart for his own good.

He can open doors; he peels off the "no scratch" tape with his teeth (and then scratches exactly where he pleases); he somehow can tell when I'm actually going upstairs and when I'm just pretending, trying to get him to leave the room (I think he counts steps. Now he waits til I'm almost to the top before he dashes up after me)... and the list goes on. It's ridiculous. I am constantly having to think up ways to outsmart the little bugger!
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Three cheers for cats with what my boyfriend calls, an ODIE Complex, (after the odie the dumb dog from Garfield). for without them our lives wouldn't be nearly as fun.
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I think mine are pretty smart As a matter of fact last night I had DA Bird out and Cammie likes me to toss it and pull in out from underneath a little pad that she lays on, Well I just started waving it in the air and she went and stuck her feet under that mat That's what she wanted me to do

Zinger loves the furry mice and all I have to say to her is go get a mouse and she will run and get one and bring it and I don't care how many times you throw it she will get it and bring it and drop it at your feet

Dunkin is stuck on the little super balls he loves the one that is white with the black spots on it like a soccer ball he talks to that ball when I ask him where's your baby ball he goes and gets it he carries it up and down the stairs to

I could go on but I think those are the 3 smartest
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Cleo and Lola are pretty smart. Cleo brings me her leash and harness when she wants to go outside (yes, Cleo is a cat!) If it's on the kitchen counter, she'll push it off onto the floor to get my attention. Lola will paw at the telephone if it rings. Cleo knows what days she gets her sub-Q fluids, and waits by the bathroom door and teases for them.

Then we have Maggie. Maggie is beautiful. Maggie, unfortunately, is not smart. Maggie loves to go into the bathroom and push the bathroom door closed. Once that happens, she's too dumb to figure out how to open it again. She's been stuck in there for hours. That doesn't stop her from going into the bathroom and pushing the door closed.

Maggie also likes to chew on electrical cords. She's tripped the circuit breakers a couple of times, but she hasn't quite figured out the connection. I have corrugated cord covers on all the acessible cords, but somtimes she still manages to find one to chew on.

Maggie also loves plastic bags. You know, the kind you get at the grocery store. She love to crawl into them and lay down and fall asleep. This isn't a good idea, because Maggie is also very timid. She tries to run whenever she hears a loud noise or there's a quick movement. Once when she was laying in a plastic bag, I accidently dropped a metal pan on the kitchen floor. Poor terrified Maggie, tried to scramble out of the bag and run for the basement. The handle of the bag got wrapped around her neck, and the bag flapped behind her as she ran....which terrified her even more. The poor cat went practically berserk, trying to run away from the bag that was chasing her. (I have to admit, I almost wet myself from laughing!) It was days before she calmed down after that ordeal. I now put the plastic bags away immediately after emptying them.

I could go on and on about my poor little challanged Maggie... I love her to pieces though...even if she's not the brightest light on the Christmas tree!
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