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My men and a couple of questions

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I have a couple of questions that maybe you wonderful people can help answer. Our two guys were just neutered last night and came home to us today. They are both doing well, no issues with the incisions or anything. Sasha is pretty much his affectionate self, but Mitten is a bit mad at us. He's usually very attached to my girlfriend, Carla, but he's not talking to her or I at the moment. I understand this, he feels violated. Here are my questions:

How long do we keep them away from Quindim? I've heard conflicting reports and just want the median answer. She is next to be spayed, but since she just had kittens 3 weeks ago, it is not the optimal time. The vet said 45 days after birth, that's only a month and 2 weeks. Is that OK? The milk will dry up once she is spayed, correct? So the kittens should be nearly weaned?

It's been a juggling act around here. *chuckle* As you can see from my location, I am in Brazil and for some reason there are some houses that have issues with having doors inside. You know, like for the bedroom, other rooms, etc? Our house is just such a house. So that means the only room that can be shut off is the bathroom and our bathroom is exceptionally small. We built a makeshift "wall" if you will from the kitchen to the livingroom involving two tables and some tape *LMAO* which is where the boys have been. (Thankfully we have outside doors to get into various parts of the house) The babies and Quindim have been in the bedroom and livingroom with us. I don't want the babies so far away, because we are interacting with them all the time and I don't want to lose that, so the boys are relegated back to the kitchen area. Poor boys.

Also, when will the "calling" stop. Granted I have a Balinese and he is vocal to begin with, but will all the long, drawn out calls stop at some point?

Sorry for such a long post, but like I said, it's been a juggling act. I just want to know when we can start resuming happy family life again with all our furkids.

Thank you so much!

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Newly neutered males can get a female pregnant within 30 days after being neutered. So keep them away from your unspayed female. She doesn't have to be in heat for them to mate with her.
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Thirty days after the neuter their ummm stuff should be gone! (sorry couldn't think of how to word that)

So they say to keep them away for that long just in case!

I think the calling should stop sooner than that though! My kitty BooBoo still talks to me but it isn't like the mating dance! LOL
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