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Not eating well after spaying.

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I hope you guys remember me. I am the guy who found two kittens on his back yard, and I took one in.

I have been taken care of this female kitty and finally I got the appointment to go spay her. I spayed her on the 9th and when she came home she was so hungry she gorge on a lot of food.

However, today is quite different. Her appetite has gone down and her stools look kind of wimpy.

Is this normal for a kitten after being spayed?

I hope you guys can give me some good suggestions on how to make her eat well again.
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Ok, she slept for a couple of hours and woke up wanting to play. I just played with her with a little lazer. However she is not eating yet, but her behavior looks better than before.
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On a girl it is major surgery so I think you are probably in the normal stages of spaying but I think someone more insightful should be along shortly!
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Ok, she just ate some food from my finger. I kept enticing her until she finished all up.

All that is left is the normal pooping. She seems to struggle every time she is going to do it.

I like to place her pic here, but I do not know how. I tried the same way I always do when I want to place a pic on a forum, but it does not work here.
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I tried to insert your image but evidently, the file you are calling for isn't found on your server? If you like, please send me the image via email (PM me for my email address) and I am happy to assist.
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Maybe you could go to and set up an account! That way all you have to do is copy the the pic for the message boards, and it would show up automaticaly!
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the file is actually at

It has to be Kitty.jpg not kitty.jpg, otherwise it will not come out. But it is there.

How can paste the pic here on my own. I wold like to learn.
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I am going to give it a try...

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Hey, it worked!

That is my little baby!
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Beautiful!! Just purrfect!
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Yes, eating less is very common after a spay. She probably doesn't feel very good, so she doesn't want to eat a lot. Do keep coaxing her to eat, but don't worry if she only eats a little. The important thing for the time being is that she gets enough to drink (or eats wet food), and a little bit of food in her stomach. It doesn't matter if she's not eating her usual meals for a while; would you, if you'd just had a hysterectomy?

Take care of that little cutie; she's beautiful!
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Thats what I though too! Girl cats have major surgurey and it will take a while for her to heal and feel better. Dumb questioon, did they give her any pain meds?? They really help with mine.
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Hows she going now? I know when Blossom was spayed it was the longest 10 days until the stitches came out, trying to keep her quiet. She was back to her old self on the 3rd day. I worried about her when she pulled out a stitch & had to have a staple put in.
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Thanks for the compliment.

No, the doctor did not gave her any pain meds. But she does not appeart to be in any pain exept when she is about to poop. I gues she needs to move those abdomen muscles and she tries to avoid pooping.
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Her operation was with those stiches that are underneath the skin. They actually desolve within a few weeks.

She is behaving normally today and playing normally. I am giving her baby food because is soft and easy to go through.
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Your lucky they used those type of stitches. They wouldn't use them with Blossom. Our 7 y/o dog had them & there was no problems at all.
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One strange thing she is doing is smelling things a lot. It is like her sense of smell has change.

They tell me this is the anesthesia, that it will pass away in a few days.
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Don't say pass away.

Cats are like people in this situation -- you use your abs (like your back) for just about everything, so it'll be a few days before she's feeling well. It just takes time.
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I am glad to say she ate a whole 2.5 oz of baby food today. I had to hand feed her with my finger, but she ate it all.

No pooping yet, but if she is eating willingly that means her tummy is doing well.
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Ok, she just ate her first chunk of cat food by herself. Soft food of course.

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She is now eating by herself from time to time. No pooping though, but her body is looking fuller like it used to.
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I am starting to worry a little. Two days now and no pooping. I have checked her tummy, and there is nothing hard there. So it is still ok. If she was suffering from some type of blockage, I would be able to touch and feel something hard.

Maybe the baby food I am giving her is mostly water, and since her feces are hard, there is not enough yet to make a full bowel movement.
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I gues I should not worry since she is back to normal. She playing and feeling great.

I guess this is a good experience for the next time I spay another kitty.
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She finnally pooped! And what a poop! a nine incher!

Yea I know, why be exited about that. Now I know why my mother was exited when I was a little kid and I pooped.

Any one who has spayed their kitty, and this has happened, a good trick is to give your kitty vegetable oil. The one that is kind of clear. I mixed that in her food, and it made it easier for her to go.

I remember that the first poop she did after coming from the hospital she cried before pooping. So this makes it a whole lot easier.
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