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Do I have to keep a light on where the litter box is for my cats at night? I am assuming their night vision is pretty good, and they know their way around the house, but I'd just like to be certain. Thanks!!
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I would think not. Trout has no light at all in the apartment and she does fine at night
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I don't leave lights on at night and my 3 are fine
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I don't leave a light on for Zoe, but I do have several nights lights scattered thru the house, including the rooms her boxes are in...but I put the night lights up pre-kitty for us clumsy humans!
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Cats have extremely good night vision, it is exceptionally greater then ours. There is no doubt that lights left on for our kitties is more of a human comfort then for their needs, they honestly don't need this and go more by scent when it comes to "bathroom" time anyway!
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Look at it this way: If you were to go sit down on the toilet in the middle of the night, would you need a light? They can see a whole lot better than us anyway, and to be slightly crude...they don't wipe after, either. If you can walk to the bathroom in the dark, you can be assured they're just fine doing the same.
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