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out of town vetting, too stressful?

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I am pretty sure I know what you all are going to say- but thought I would ask anyway. We have been hitting a lot of financial stress lately. First I had to go home after Christmas for a funeral and family illness. Then the daycare kids I have (I watch 2 extra kids in our home) have been out sick and I do not charge for the days they are not here and I have only watched them 3 days out of the last 2 weeks. Raven will be 6 months old the beginning of February and Jack the beginning of April. They both need to be fixed.
Well, I have called around and it is EXPENSIVE! Where we used to live it was a ton cheaper.
My Dh and I are making another trip back the end of this month and the vet there would be $125 cheaper than here! Would it be too stressful to have them fixed after a 6 hour drive?
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What is the cost of gas and wear & tear for a 6-hour drive?

Do the comparison - it may make more sense to pay for the higher cost spay closer to home.

What if there are post-spay complications?

Only you can decide what is the best choice for your furbabies.
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we will be going there anyway so that is not really an issue. What is best for them is that they do get fixed and right now, right here it is not an option, I really do not want to give them up either. I just don't know what to do.
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My sister drove her cats 2+ hours to get fixed at my Mom's vet, which was $60 vs $200+. Her cats were fine.

I think if you're going to make the trip anyway, and it's cheaper there, you might as well. Your cats are still very young, so I'm sure they will be fine.
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How long will you be at the cheaper vet location? Will there be a long enough recovery time before you have to head home? Also, make sure you're comparing apples to apples with the vet charges - does the more expensive charge include pain meds, blood work, more intensive monitoring, etc.? How do your kitties handle car rides - have you ever done a long one with them before?

A friend took her male and female to the local PAWS for a chaper spay and neutering - about a 90 minute drive one way, and hers were ok. She did let her local vet know she was doing that, just in case she needed urgent after surgery care (her cats were feral kittens that she was able to bring inside).
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