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May he play peacefully at the bridge.
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My condolences to you all.

Rest In Peace Sweet Baby.
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I am so sorry you lost Oberon. RIP sweet baby
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Oberon is a beautiful boy and will remain that way forever.

RIP little man.
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Rest peacefully, Oberon.
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R.I.P. Oberon

May you play happily at Rainbow Bridge, and keep watch over your Meowmy.
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I'm so sorry to hear that Oberon is passed, even though we knew his time was near, it's heartbreaking to see that your beautiful boy has gone.

He knew so much love while he was with you and will live on in your heart forever.

Big hugs to you and your family. RIP sweet Oberon
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I'm so sorry for you and your daughter. For such little creatures, they leave such a big hole when they're gone. Bless you both for giving Oberon a life, and a passing, filled with love.

Rest well, Oberon. Have fun playing at the Bridge, beautiful boy.
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I am so, so sorry for your loss. He looks like a very fine cat.
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Originally Posted by Crazyforinfo View Post
He is at peace now.
For you and your family.
i wasn't surprised to see this, given what you had posted yesterday.
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RIP Oberon Play happily over the rainbow bridge sweetie.
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RIP Oberon
I am very sorry for your loss... seeing his pictures made me remember i was just there where you were, and looked into the same eyes as you did... all just a couple of weeks ago... like it was just today...
I am sure he is feeling well now and sends you lots of love
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Fourteen years ago, Oberon was a stray, eating out of garbage cans. My then-boyfriend husband and I took a carrier to catch him. Oberon struggled - he was a strong cat - but never once did he bite or scratch. We couldn't get him into the carrier because he'd splay his all his legs out to make himself too big to fit into the opening.

Finally, after a 15-20 minute struggle, I was about to try again to push him into the carrier, and he let out a big sigh and let me put him in. He didn't know it at the time, but he had just won the lottery. He and my husband adored each other and Oberon was always very animated when my husband was around.

Two weeks after my husband adopted him, Oberon came down with a wicked urinary tract blockage. Of course it was when my husband was out of town, so I took care of him. Oberon would have died alone and homeless, but instead lived on for 14 more happy years.

We buried Oberon in the yard Tuesday night, and our daughter picked some flowers for her daddy to put on the grave. My husband said a few words, "Oberon was a great cat. He was my companion and he was my friend."

At dinner we toasted Oberon's life, "To Oberon, who had a long life, well-lived!"

Oberon died quietly at home on Tuesday, January 15, at 3:15 p.m. He was at least 17 years old.

Thank you so much, my TCS friends. Your kindness is deeply felt.

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What a beautiul tribute to a beautiful boy.
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What a lovely tribute, Cat. I know your lovely boy will be sadly missed. Perhaps by now he has encountered another "Great Cat", our old boy Gryphon. The way you speak of Oberon, I think they will have a lot in common, and Gryph will show him around.

for your aching hearts
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What a beautiful tribute and such a lovely resting place for your wonderful boy.

You are so right, he did hit the jackpot when he finally allowed himself to be wrestled into that carrier! Then, in return, gave you the most glorious 14 years of companionship.
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I'm very sorry

Rest in peace little one
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He really did win the lottery, being found by you and your husband. You gave him 14 wonderful years filled with love that he otherwise might never have known.

Thank you for sharing the picture of his beautiful resting place and flowers. He is at peace now, and I hope that someday you will be at peace with his loss.

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Im sorry I didn't see this sooner, but I have been trying to stay out of forum, to avoid my own grief! I actually had to stop reading for a little while, so I could read the rest! My eyes are red and poofy, and this was a very sad ordeal for you! Im so sorry!!

RIP sweet Oberon

Your Mommy Misses You, & Loves You Dearly
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peace be with you oberon! vibes for you family
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