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Oberon is an Angel

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He's resting as comfortably as possible on his soft cushion but I can only get him to eat if I hand-feed him homemade chicken or beef and today he ate a little king crab.

But his kidneys are failing and eyes aren't alert like they always were. The vet said he's not in pain, and took him off all meds and said to feed him whatever he wants. He has never tolerated the meds very well. He gets fresh water several times a day to keep him drinking. Our daughter puts catnip leaves in his water - he's always loved that. But I've been here before with other beloved kitties and he's going down fast right now.

If you could spare some vibes that his passing is a peaceful one? He is a most sweet and most gentle kitty.
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Awwww, I'm so sorry that you're coming to this time with him now.

Many, many that he travels easily from you to the next place on the wings of peace and love.
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oh dear, I'm so sorry, many many vibes that Oberon's passing is peaceful and quick
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May his passing be helped by your love.

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So sorry to hear this sad news. Sending lots of and praying that Oberon's remaining time will be peaceful and his passing gentle. to you.
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I am so sorry. I wish a very peaceful passing for Oberon, surrounded by those who love him.
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I am so sorry Poor Oberon. I hope that his passing goes quickly and pain free when his time comes

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I am soo sorry to hear this many vibes headed that way
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Awww I am so sorry to hear this Many vibes for a painless passing when his time comes
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I am so sorry to hear this, Cat. May his passing be peaceful.
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The poor baby, i'm so sorry Lots of peaceful coming Oberons way
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May peace and calmness surround both you and your beloved Oberon.
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Oh I'm so sorry - Oberon's world is so filled with love, it just shines through. I hope that his passing is calm and peaceful when it comes. In the meantime enjoy every moment that you can.

As somebody wisely said to me when we were enjoying our last days with Tippy, make sure that you take plenty of photos. I know it feels kinda strange doing it at a time like this, but it really does help.

Big hugs to you all
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I'm so very sorry for you and your daughter and Oberon. Sending many :vibes for a gentle passing for Oberon, and many to you and your daughter.
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Sending loads of vibes that his passing will be peaceful.

I am so, so sorry. My heart goes out to all of you.

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I am so very, very sorry. Sending calming to your entire clan.
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My thoughts and prayers are with you and Oberon during this difficult time.
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I'm so sorry. & &
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I'm so sorry. May Oberon's passing be peaceful and gentle.
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My thoughts are with you, and that is passing is peaceful for him and for you all.
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Sending many passing peacefully vibes for Oberon.
And hugs to you.
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It sounds like Oberon is getting the royal treatment in his final days as is only right. May you passing be peacful for both you and your meowmy, Oberon. Your well loved and will be greatly missed.
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comforting vibes for you .
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Thanks so much, everybody.

Here's Oberon about a year ago;
I didn't notice it before but you can already tell he's not feeling as good as usual.

This pic was taken very, very early one morning with my MacBook.
Oberon and I were waiting for word that James had made it to Sweden. (I think it was Sweden.) So I was checking my email and Oberon was on James' side of the bed.
James is Oberon's main human. I like this dreamy picture.

His favorite position.

We have lots of pictures from the last 14 years, but you know how it goes... no scanner. I'll try to get a picture of him today but right now his back is to us. But be forewarned.

I really, really appreciate you guys.
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What a lovely fluff ball. The second picture is fantastic. I'm so sorry that it is now his time.
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Here's one of Oberon and Sparkle.
I call it, "Where's Sparkle's head?"

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What an adorable picture, he's so handsome Bless his heart
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About a year ago in Sphinx position.

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Aww thanks for sharing these pics
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Great pictures. I love his name too... it's also the name of mu absolute favorite beer.
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