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All of a sudden change in food behavior

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In the last 2 - 3 weeks both Ronnie and Reggie seem hungry all of the time and are constantly hassling me for food.

When they were last at the vets for their injections about 5 months ago, he said they were over weight slightly therefore have been following the vets advice. They have some food when I get up in the morning and some food when I get in from work around 6ish.

But all of a sudden in the last few weeks they are constantly begging for food.

They have had worm treatment just incase however this has not helped.

It is becoming a pain (although I love them so much) as whenever they come in they are begging for food, when you are cooking dinner they are begging for food. This morning for example I came down and the kitchen bin was all over the floor - there was only a days worth of rubbish so not even food in it.

If one of them is asleep in the living room - when you get up and go to the fridge he is there meowing?

It has started to get annoying!

My main concern is they are slightly over weight but seem like they are always hungry?

Its not worms as they have been treated for this.

Any ideas????
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were they free-fed before they went on the diet? or have they always been fed at two set times each day?
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I used to feed them three times a day until my vet 5 months ago told me not to as they were over weight.

When I reduced how much they ate they were fine.

Before that they were fed three times a day as I come home for lunch break from work and used to feed them then

its only been the last couple of weeks I have noticed the change.

I gave them worm treatment 2 weeks ago but there has been no change.

Another example of half an hour ago - Reggie went out. 10 Mins later he came back in expecting to be fed again even though he had his dinner 3 hours ago. He was meowing like crazy and constantly runbbing my legs!

I used to let them in my bedroom however due to their behaviour over the last couple of weeks have had to shut my bedroom door as come 4am they are sitting on your head meowing like crazy to be fed.

I have had both Ronnie and Reggie (who are borthers) since they were 8 weeks old. They are two and a half now and its only just been the last few weeks they are acting like this?????

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This sounds like an attention getter pattern. Especially with 2, they will pick up on the others behaviors. In other words, they are getting your attention by begging for food, and it is working! Maia is an over-eater, she begs for food if she is hungry or not. I often pick up her food bowl and put it back down and she runs off, obviously getting the attention she wanted. She is also a couple pounds over weight, I feed her atleast 3 times a day in smaller portions......
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i was going to suggest going back to feeding them three times a day, but in smaller amounts. playing with them or giving them more interactive toys might help
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