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Shark and Arwen both scored 30-36, Clever Cat..Brandy is the Cordial Kitty.
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Tiny got Cordial Cat, and Baby is Clever Cat, just one short of Frantic Feline! You never know when Baby is going to try to imitate either a Siamese or a Bengal... it drives Tiny crazy; he's such a gentleman!
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I mixed between my 2 ctas and I got a 43. over 37 points=frantic feline!!!!
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Both my cats scored 30 - clever cat!
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cookie got 26 magnificent moggy
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Matilda: 19. Cordial Kitty. "Gentle, harmonious souls who drift gracefully around the house. They're easily offended, and would much rather sniff the flowers than wreck floral arrangements. Typical Cordial Kitties are Birmans, Balinese, and Angoras."

Chloe: 37. Frantic Feline. "Will always keep you on your toes. They're intelligent, talkative, hyperactive and easily distracted, and they need ltos of stimulation from their owners or other cats. Watch out, your house might not survive their antics! Tyhpical Frantic Felines are Siamese/Orientals and Devon Rexes."

Yep, this pretty much sums up the huge personality difference between my two kitties.
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Squishy got a 28, a magnificent moggy. She is very active but she is very well mannered easy going and well balanced. She never falls off of anything, Shes a very good hunter of her toys very cautious and takes her time sneeking up on them. Does the butt wiggle thing before she pounces its hillarious!
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Bailey - 34 Clever cat
Keli - 19 Cordial kitty
Bandit - 17 Cordial Kitty
Shellbie - 23 Cordial Kitty
Jinxy - 30 Clever Cat
Kailey - 32 Clever Cat

And the new foster I've only had for a few days, so I don't know her very well..
Penny - 21 Cordial Kitty

Cool little test
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callie got a 32-clever cat
cupid got a 22-cordial kitty
boo got a 25-magnificent moggy

how funny, they all scored so different, but not really suprising because they each have totally different personalities.
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Hi everyone well david got a 33 Clever cat-perfectly accurate Mittens got a 29-magnificent moggy and shadow got a 27-magnificent moggy. LOL The test describes them accurately God Bless everyone Donna
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