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cant get him to stop

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I'm at my wits end with my cat. I've tried eveything that I can think of and everything thats been suggested to me. I just can't get him to stop pooping on the rug at night. Heres what I've done

I took him to the vet, they say he's find

I changed his diet

I clean the litter boxes three times a day

I keep a light on where the boxes are so that he can see what he's doing

I've used white vinegar and cat odor eliminators to draw him away

I've given him more love and affection than anyone I know

I DON'T punish him by spanking or yelling

I give him tons of praises on the occasions that he does use the box

I've kept him locked up over night (in a huge area where theres plenty of space for him to move around) with the litter box. But then he just does it later in the day when I let him out

I don't even make loud noises or stomp around the house because I'm afraid it will stresses him out

NOTHING WORKED! And I've been dealing with this for a YEAR!!! So what do I do now. Any help is appreciated

Tony D.
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Wow, you've tried a lot with your cat... hopefully you find something that works for your cat

This is just a suggestion: If you can catch him pooing on the rug, try taking him directly to the litterbox. If he comes out of it, put him back in there again. You have to catch him in the act though. If he finishes his pooing in the litterbox, praise him like you have before. If he doesn't do any pooing, just try later on. You probably already tried that but thought it would be worth a try It may or may not work...
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You don't mention having cleaned the rug with enzymatic cleaners. Is he always going in the same spot? If so, it could be that lingering scent is encouraging him to return to the same place... cats can smell what we can't. And regular cleaners aren't as good at removing organic material.

Try Nature's Miracle. But you really have to soak and saturate carpet to make sure it gets down all the way to the pad.
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Is it just a small rug? I had that problem with one of those cheapo rubberbacked bathroom rugs. I tossed the rug and got a new one (at the time I didn't know about enzyme cleaners, and just washed it). They stopped pooping on it once I had the new rug.

You could also try soaking the spot, then washing it with Nature's Miracle.
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Certain rubber-backed rugs have an ammonia-like scent that attracts cats to go to the bathroom there. Not sure if that's the kind of rug you have. For more info, see here:

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