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Chewing kitten

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I have a 6 month old kitten who has just started chewing on things. We only noticed it after we had him neutered a couple of weeks ago, but now he chew on everything - hairbrushes, watches, our body parts! It's weird. I've never had a cat to do this. Is there anything I can do to stop him and why might he be doing this?
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He could be teething, but I highly recommend you get some Bitter Apple spray and just put a little squirt on some of the things he's chewing. You don't have to put it on everything - just the most likely stuff (cords, wires, shoes, etc.).

That should deter him from chewing on other things.
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You also need to give him appropriate things to chew on. We found that bendy straws work the best while kitties are teething. Buy a box and scatter the whole box of straws on the floor around the house. This way he's got what to chew on wherever he is. If he goes for hands or ankles, tell him "No," reach out and grab a straw, give it to him and walk away, ignoring him after that. Don't want him to learn that biting you gets him attention.

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