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Shelby jumped into a bucket of paint!

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Little kittens can jump anywhere. This morning DW tells me that Shelby jumped up onto the dryer where we keep the adult cat food some how. We are having our house painted and one of the painters came carrying Shelby in and told me she had jumped into their bucket of paint. I grabbed her as quick as I could and ran for the kitchen sink and gave her her first bath, which she did not seem all that excited about. THEN I got my camera and snapped these:

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Aww Little Shelby, happy to hear she was able to be cleaned up
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Shelby, you naughty boy!! :Lol3: Kittens are naturally little stinkers though...Shelby is "normal" by those standards.
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well, I would defniitely say she is not a happy camper
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I'll bet she doesn't do that again
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I once had a cat who ran through wood floor adhesive that had just been spread out during installation of our new floors. It was not pretty--had to have her sedated at the vets and the offending adhesive removed.
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Look how tiny she is when she is wet.
Oh...poor baby.
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Oh poor baby,
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Her face says it all!
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LoL!!!!!!! She is a cutie, atleast she is not a pure black cat, happend to my moms cat, but with white paid too, reminded me of a skunk~!
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I wanted to get a picture of her with paint over her entire body but was afraid of it in her eyes. I was also informed that she had climbed the entire length of a stepladder to jump into the large bucket of paint!
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Awwwww, she looks like she belongs on a poster about "having a rough day" Too cute!
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Aw poor baby! She does look awfully cute though.

Now Shelby watch where you leap!
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poor little girl!

if it makes you feel any better -a few yrs ago two of my gorgeous buff longhair snowshoe kittens got into an entire bottle of molassas that had fall in the floor (and i didn't notice) it took me AGES to bathe them and get them clean They looked like little indians who had rolled in war paint It was sooooo cute but messy!
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oh my goodness!
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You have a little dare devil there Lee

I remember when Rosie was a kitten she went walking straight through the tray of magnolia paint. There was little paw pads prints all over the kitchen floor
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aww bless her!
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She is so cute even wet. The curiosity of a cat coupled with lack of fear. At least you know you have a well adjusted kitten.
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
You have a little dare devil there Lee
Exactly what I was thinking! Hopefully now she knows that a paint bucket is NOT a great landing spot.
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OHHH she looks so miserable ! is a good thing u got her on time !
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Awwwww... poor baby... she doesn't look happy...
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Poor little girly! What a cutie! Now how about some after pics?
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Bless her little cotton socks! She is a sweetie..paint or no paint
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aww she looks so bedragled, very cute, but BAD KITTY!
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