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onyx isn't neurotic! :D

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so, he went to the dermatologist yesterday, and after much discussion we ruled out pretty much everything except allergies. got the skin tests done right then, and GOOD LORD!!! no wonder that cat had licked himself bald!!! onyx reacted strongly to almost half of the allergens they tested him for, and they test for 70 different allergens >.> and we pretty much can't do a thing to remove any of them from our environment.

the good news is, we'll have his immunotherapy shots in about two or three weeks, and then we can start teaching his immune system not to respond to the allergens he's sensitive to. we've also got him on steroid shots for the time between now and when his immune system gets in gear. additionally, we're going to borrow some ionic breeze air filters from my mother-in-law to see if those help remove the nasty junk from the air any.

so, yay! kitty will no longer be licking his dumb butt bald!! kitty will no longer be miserable!!! and mommy won't have to watch in agony as he suffers!!!!

thank you, everyone who contributed ideas or possible solutions/remedies for onyx, and who has had him in their thoughts.
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Fantastic, so glad you finally figured it out! What a poor misery he was, but should be better soon. Don't be discouraged if the shots aren't 100% or immediately effective - they often aren't, but should still make a big difference.
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Happy to hear you finally found the problem with Onyx So glad that Onyx is doing better!
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yeah, we know we probably won't see much difference for maybe six to eight months, but we'll keep him on the periodic steroid shots between now and then to keep him comfortable until they kick in. that's what i really care about.
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