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Cat or Dog?

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Hi everyone,

I'm moving house soon, into a flat within a block of 3 flats, on my own. My sister and mum and her partner will live in the other 2 flats. Because Memphis (my gorgeous cat) is actually technically (even though I feed him and take care of him predominantly) my sister's cat, he'll be going to live with her. Fortunately, she might get sick of this arrangement (I've told her that she MUST let him sleep on her bed otherwise he comes to live with me! He's very affectionate, and absolutely desperately needs human contact, especially during the night. He's different to any other cat I've had in that respect.) so there's still a chance that eventually Memphis will be living with me.

Now, I can get a pet (I don't like living alone without a pet - never have, never plan on it) but I can only get one dog or one cat. Obviously most people here have a bias, but I need a totally honest opinion to help me out!!

Either way, I'd probably go to a rescue centre and adopt an abandoned cat or dog, regardless of their age.

For the dog: I could give it a daily walk and when I'm at work it would be allowed out on my mum's deck and in her backyard and in her house (they have doggy doors... I don't) with her little dog, Pascal. So he/she'd have a little companion for some of the day.

For the cat (this is what I'm worried about): When I'm home, there's no issue. But when I'm at work, the house gets HOT. Really, really, really hot. So hot that any cat would have to be put outside during the day, and I'd have to leave their water and food outside for them. Memphis will probably go out with the dogs, but I don't know that an adult cat who hasn't grown up around dogs will be okay with that arrangement...

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could keep a cat in a flat that gets really hot in the day without cat flaps?

Or should I just get a dog and hope that Memphis can come and live with me eventually...?

(I'd probably look to get a pug or a sharpei or a Japanese spitz (or mixes with those in them) if I got a dog)

Thanks for reading... I could probably answer the question myself but I need someone else to tell me what to do
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I'd choose a whippet
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I wouldnt do a spitz of any type they are VERY active and need alot of grooming..

you mean apartment by flat??? a whippet would be a good choice if you like to run for a few miles a day... pug might work
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Hmmm tough choice.....why does it get so hot, by the way?

It would probably be hard on a cat to live in a very hot house. Honestly a dog might just be easier. Could a cat go over to your mom's when you were gone? Enzo used to spend time at my mom's and did just fine.

Chihuahaus are very heat tolerant I just love my little long haired!
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I love pugs! Italian greyhound might be another good choice for an apartment dog.
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Oh thanks for all the replies, I'm so glad there are dog lovers as well as cat lovers on here!

A cat could go over to my mum's during the day, I just thought it'd be easier to do with a dog.

Japanese Spitzs don't require that much grooming actually, I found that really odd! They have a sorta teflon coat. I used to have huskies but apparently they have different coats. And I'm pretty active, I'm quite happy to take a dog for a run daily... A whippet would be a really good idea, I hadn't thought of that one...

All these ideas!
But I think I'll just have to go to the shelter and fall in love... problem is I might end up bringing 5 extra ones home too...I'm terrible with shelters

Oh and by flat I mean... one bedroom little house... it's not an apartment, because it's not really a building. And it gets so hot because it's Australia, and it's a house built for air-conditioning!
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What about getting an air conditioner for the bedroom and when you're gone during the day, place the cat or dog in the bedroom?

Dogs with 'pushed in faces', like Pugs, etc., will have a harder time staying cool because their nostrils are very short.
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will you have a little yard or fenced area>>?? Do to climate you may want to look into single coated breeds like the aussie terrier since you are active
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Originally Posted by fuzzmom View Post
Dogs with 'pushed in faces', like Pugs, etc., will have a harder time staying cool because their nostrils are very short.
I love pugs! They are my favorite breed of dog. After my two died I said never again because it hurt so much. Anyway that's another story. I don't think that it would be a good idea for you to get a pug because they have a really hard time in the heat. You have to be really careful with them and make sure they don't get overheated. And if they go out with the other dogs will there be anyone supervising them? I think the idea of a whippet is a good one.

You are right though. I am biased and would say cat but I don't want them to get overheated neither. So I would go with a dog.
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The place I'm in will be air conditioned, so it won't matter about the heat =] I just meant that it will be out during the day while I'm at work (It's not that hot outside, most breeds would be fine!).
I could put the air con on and leave them inside it would just cost me an absolute fortune in electricity!

I think I've decided on either a Japanese Spitz or a Pug. I found a 5 year old Japanese Spitz up for adoption and spoke at length with his owner, she said she was absolutely devasted putting up the ad but she's having a child and doesn't have the time to walk him daily anymore. He seems just lovely... I think I've found my new dog!!
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Just thought that I'd post and say that any dog with a long or semi-long coat would have more issues with heat than, say a short haired cat or dog... I remember hearing somewhere that cats can tolerate heat fairly well up to the mid 90's (not sure how accurate that is).

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