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Daily Thread TGIF Jan 11!

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Good FRIDAY mooooooooooorning my friends!

I am excited, because this week just flew by for me.

Today my boss is going on a sales call that I set up, so I am thrilled about that. Its only January 11th and I am already 10% of the way to my annual goal I am not a huge fan of working in sales, but when I GET the sale it feels soooooooooo good

Off to the gym after work, and then tomorrow going to my friends house for dinner and we are watching the movie "Shooter" with Mark Wahlberg. Anyone seen it? I love Marky Mark

Anyway, have a great one!
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Really where did this week go? Well I'm excited to report that after my am shift today I'm off to a meeting with my boss about finally getting my own site. Very exciting.
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Originally Posted by SkyeCat0117 View Post
Really where did this week go? Well I'm excited to report that after my am shift today I'm off to a meeting with my boss about finally getting my own site. Very exciting.
Good luck with that
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Good luck with the meeting :-)

I'm psyched b/c I'm off this Saturday, I usually work Saturday night. I just picked up a new stray last night, so in about a half hour I'm calling the vet and hopefully getting in b/c I have to work at 12 today Going out for a girl's night out tonight and looking forward to maybe sleeping in tomorrow!

Have a great Friday all
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Afternoon This week feels like it's dragged for me because this is my first week back after christmas and i'm not in the swing of things yet

But wey hey, in 4 1/2 hours i'll be logging off to go home!
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Hey cats It's Friday already? What happened to the rest of the week? Anyways, not much going on here today. Just going to school in about an hour and then coming home and trying to stay warm. It's soo cold here. Oh well. Another couple of weeks of this and it should be starting to warm up.

P.S. Nat, I've seen "Shooter". I thought it was pretty good, but then again I find that Mark Wahlberg does a great job in almost every movie he stars in.
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Thank freakin God its Friday. Its been a long weekk.
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I have seen shooter. It was pretty good.

Tonight I get to see a friend that I haven't seen in about 5 or 6 years. I saw her once this summer for a little bit but it was right after my dad died so it was different than just hanging out. I am excited for tonight. Theres 3 of us getting together tonight, and except for the fact that one girl is engaged and has 2 kids and the other is married its going to be just like old times.

Besides that, I am just working the rest of the weekend.
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Morning All!

Icy here this morning so am not looking forward to the trip to work.

I am jealous of all you guys who have the weekend offI of coarse will be working as usual

Nothing special planned, maybe some grocery shopping after work but it depends on the the road conditions.

Kitties are great this morning chasing each other around the house.

Everyone have a good one
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hello everyone! i hope your all having a good day hehe

mine's ok, boring though but ok LOL
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I agree Shooter was a pretty good movie!!

We got a couple of inches of wet, heavy snow last light but the sun is out right now!!

Not much on the agenda today some laundry and house cleaning!!

We want to have some people over for the Packer game tomorrow afternoon but lots have other plans-bummer. Well we'll have to see who shows as they will have to be stuck in the game day traffic to get to our house.

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I am on a baking marathon today because I am sending our daughter a care package. It was her first week back to college. So, I am making meringue mushrooms, almond torte, chocolate chip cookies and lemon poppy seed muffins. Of course, I will have to bake something for our son, like oatmeal raisin cookies. TGIF because it is pizza night.
I am saving time for my dance class today.
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TGIF for sure! So happy that its friday
Eating a chicken caesar wrap for lunch today, yummy!
Thinking about buying a new refrigerator, its time to replace old bessy...

Have a great day everyone
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Good morning! It's humid and windy here! And really warm! It's 66 out with 100% humidity. We had some good thunder storms last night and I think we're in for more today. The girls are at the window watching stray leaves blow around. It's has them fascinated because every now and then the wind is strong enough to blow one up over the house. Wooo!

I got up a bit earlier today so I could take DH's car in to have the breaks worked on. My Mom was going to be picking me up at the dealership so I didn't have to sit there. But then I got the "You know Step Dad said all my DH has to do is ask and he'll do them..." speech. So I called DH and he agreed to let me ask. DH just doesn't like feeling like he's taking advantage of my step-dad and taking away his down time. But I told him, he's offered, just let him do it for us while our finances are a little tighter and things. So I got to cancel my appointment and tonight after DH gets out of work I'll take my car and order the parts. That and pick up some strawberry cake mix to make a thank you for my step-dad! That and a pizza dinner Monday night should help!
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Woke up to a rainy sleet mixture. I have a wicked cold wish I could of stayed in bed. But have to watch my grand daughter today while her moms at work. So had to be up and ready at 8:00..Not much planned for today going to hopefully have a nice long nap after I'm done watching my GD.
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I'm counting the days - I have only 10 working days left before a little stretch out in the sunshine! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm TGIF
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Today has been crazy so far!!!

This morning Colin called me while he was at work to tell me - WE GOT THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am THRILLED!!!! We made an offer on a house we adore and have been trying to get it for a few weeks now. Found out today they took our offer- so we will be moving very soon My sister and her family are going to move into our house and rent from us then buy off of us I'm soo happy!

After that I started calling around to a bunch of wolf/hybrid rescues trying to find a safe place to send one of our shelter's animals that recently came in -we think he's a wolf x.

Tonight Colin and I are going to the florist to out wedding flowers for the wedding
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It's a rainy, dark day here. Perfect day to cuddle with the brats and read a book. However I have some cleaning to do whenever Mom wakes up. She hasn't been sleeping to well and took off from work the last 3 days. Just 19 more days until her surgery.

Nikki that's great news about the house!

Have a great one!
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I got the promotion . So starting today until my site gets open I'm bouncing around to different schools as a sub except now my title is Site Coordinator(fancy). With this also means a $3.00 pay raise and my benefits/
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