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Kim, I'm glad to hear you went and it wasn't as traumatic as you (or I) might have expected!! Now let's hope for good results too.

If you are suppossed to start at 35, then I still have a ways to go before I'll need one. I am not large chested by any means, and that is why I'm scared now, but I would never not go do such an important test just because of that. I mean I hate going to the GYN, but I do. Just an interesting tread because I really never thought about what the mammogram actually involved, and then reading the comments and being less endowed just had me cringing in fear!

But always better to be safe than sorry.
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Kim....glad to hear it went well. I don't think I have the fear of pain....just cringed at the thought of the cold. But now, well....since you say they are heating up their machines!!!! WooooHooo! We have it made!
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How do your boobies fell today?
Like: pancakes, tortillas, a slice of bread, roadkill.....

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LOL! Lhezzza - Really and truly I don't feel anything. The whole squishy concept is hilarious, though. Now there's a visual I can't post. LOL!!

Ghyslaine - you know wht's funny is...it has been so hot here in Florida the past few days...and THIS morning it was cold. So I was expecting to freeze in there. Thank God for heating pads!

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I'm getting to this late, but glad everything went well!!

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Ditto above and Hissy, that was too funny!! I literally laughed out loud, thank you!
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And Bill is dreading the prostate exam, when he gets a physical. At least, he doesn't get his manhood squished!
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Ha Ha they should! Then we would be able to compare experiences with our male counterparts. ha ha, although I think they would be more afraid of the procedure than us, what do you think Ken?
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If they got it squished it may never work again, which could be a very bad thing!
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Actually, the main problem, that Bill has is that his doctor is a woman, young enough to be his daughter. Her father was Bill's docotr, for years but, he's gradually turning the practice over to her.

I've gone with him, to see her and she seems to be on the ball. I was going to go there but, it takes about 6 months, to get an appointment, for a new patient.
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I wish I had a female doctor again. But this one is pretty competent, so I guess I'll keep him
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Whoa there Nelly....

Let's back that horse up there a sec.

First, I'm not having anything squished, but then again, there are those who are "into"that kinda thing... Hmmmmmmm

Lemme think about and I'll get back to you...

Sandie.... Oh Sandie.....
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Originally posted by adymarie
If they got it squished it may never work again, which could be a very bad thing!
Now there's a quote you don't hear everyday!!!

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glad I can entertain everyone! Now see if you can get the image out of your head!
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I'm sorry that I missed this!!!! I am glad that it all went well and it is behind you now!!! I have never had one but I think my Dr. wants me to have one at my next checkup.
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