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Girls...I'm chicken

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HELP! I have to get a mammogram in the morning. I have never had one of these. What do they do besides, the obvious...and does it take long?

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Takes about 1/2 hour and is uncomfortable. If the tech is nice, she keeps a heating pad on the platform. Otherwise - it is COLD!
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If you are large chested, it is uncomfortable but bearable. If you are so not endowed it is not a fun thing. But it is necessary and good for you for going!
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How timely that I still had this in email.........lol


This is an X-ray that has its own name because no one wants to actually sy

the word breast.

Mammograms require your breast to do gymnastics. If you have extremely agile
breasts, you should do fine. Most breasts, however, pretty much hang around
doing nothing in particular, so they are woefully unprepared.
But you can prepare for a mammogram right at home using these simple

Exercise 1: Refrigerate two bookends overnight. Lay one of your breasts
either will do) between the two bookends and smash the bookends together as
hard as you can. Repeat three times daily.

Exercise 2: Locate a pasta maker or old wringer washer. Feed the breasts into
the machine and start cranking. Repeat twice daily.

Exercise 3: (Advanced) Situate yourself comfortably on your side on the
garage floor. Place one of your breasts snugly begind the rear tire of the
family van. When you give the signal, hubby will slowly ease the car into
reverse. Hold for 5 seconds. Repeat on the other side.
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katl8e - Thanks! 1/2 hour doesn't sound so bad...Of course, when compared to giving birth to my son...I think I can handle this. So far, the consensus seems to be it's a SMASHINGLY COLD event.

Hissy: ROTFL!
Exercise 3: (Advanced) Situate yourself comfortably on your side on the
garage floor. Place one of your breasts snugly behind the rear tire of the
family van. When you give the signal, hubby will slowly ease the car into
reverse. Hold for 5 seconds. Repeat on the other side.
I am wiping tears from my eyes from laughing so hard!!

I'll have to keep you guys abreast of the situation after tomorrow's visit. LOL!!
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It's not too bad, but if you are at a sensitive time of the month, it's worse......
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*sigh* the things women have to go through.

I still have yet to have one of my own ever. I'm small breasted and not looking forward to it
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I have not had one yet but from what I heard, I agree with you, the 'cold' part seems to be the worse.

BTW: Good luck with the test.
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I haven't a clue....

Hold on lemme go ask Sandie..

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Ummm Okay...

I asked...

She laughed..

and errrr she doesn't know either..
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Originally posted by AngelzOO
*sigh* the things women have to go through.

I still have yet to have one of my own ever. I'm small breasted and not looking forward to it

Excuse me????
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Originally posted by Deb25
It's not too bad, but if you are at a sensitive time of the month, it's worse......

Lemme see....

Sensitive time of the month....

Isn't that, like, everyday??
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We are only "sensitive" because men make us that way!! HA,HA,HA! LOL!
Just kiddin'...
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shell, you hit the nail right on the head. men.....the things we do for love....
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I had my first and second last year....(they found a suspicious mass and wanted another look). I think it depends alot on the technician, the first was very uncomfortable, and the tech was kinda rude. My second was alot less painful and the tech was really kind. I am large breasted, and after having the procedure, I wondered how they manage to do the procedure on those who are "less developed". Anyway, try not to worry...it's not as bad as giving birth!
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Gee, guys, now I want to run right out and have one done... Kim will be going in there looking like she's attending her own funeral!
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Willie has a good point, but just giving the straight scoop.
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I'm sure she can feel the love , but I'm still NOT asking y'all for medical advice.
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Ok I seriously am not going to have my first one for a long time after reading this. I never really thought about what they actually do, and now I am terrified. . .
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That is the wrong approach, honestly! I have a friend who has survived breast cancer but it is a battle for her. The reason she has to constantly battle this monster, is because she put off going for a mammogram for to long, and boy has she paid the price!

It was probably rotten of me to post that joke, because really, it isn't that bad at all. Some pressure, and some squeezing but it is over quickly and it WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE because it is an early detection system.

They have to squeeze them in order to get an accurate reading and take out all the shadows they would see if they didn't compress them a little. IT IS NOT THAT BAD- I HAVE ONE EVERY 2 YEARS as breast cancer runs in my family. Don't put it off simply because of something you read on a bulletin board........please!
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Morning Everyone!!

Well I'm off to the diagnostic center! I wanted to say thanks to everyone for posting both funny and positive thoughts on the matter—I am not feeling chicken this morning! Nope, nope, nope!

Even though we "poked a little fun" at the process, I do take it seriously. Hissy, thank you for sharing that about your friend. You made a great point that sticks in my mind..."boy she paid the price" —whew!, I don't want to go there....I bet that was a long road for her, I hope she's doing better.

SO, with all that said.........

How long does it take to get the results back?


Ok..Ok...I've got one foot out the door so,

[[[[[[[[[[HUGS to everyone]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

Thanks again!!!
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Good luck Kim. I think Mammograms full under the category "necessary evil". It is something no one wants, but every woman should get. Please don't forget to do self breast exams. You better then anyone knows if something is wrong/different!
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what age is recommended to start getting mammograms?
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You need a baseline, between 30-35, for later comparison. After age 40, every 2-3 years and after 50, every year. If you've had a close relative (mother, sister, aunt) who's had breast cancer, its every year, after 35.

Also, there's a test, now, for the BRCA gene. If there has been a lot of breast cancer, in the family, its a heads-up if you carry the gene.

I had my first one, at 32 and the next one, at 40. The following year, I found a lump and went for another one. Fortunately, it was a fatty cyst and some calcifications.

As for the mammograms: I've been hurt worse and lived.
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Kim - my thoughts are with you - how did it go?
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I survived!

I'm back to report that it was really no big deal. My appointment was at 9am and I was walking out the door by 9:30am. My technician was very sweet, too. She made me feel very comfortable for my first time. She made sure that the room and the X-ray machine were warmed up, so I didn't experience one cold second.

As far as the pressure applied...well, I expected pain but instead, I would have to say it was just uncomfortable... I was expecting the car tire backing over sort a' feeling...lol!

They managed to twist me in all of the necessary positions to capture the images. (I was thinking to myself, "How could they miss—my breasts are definitely on the large size")

I guess I am in the club now!! I'm here to offer my positive support !

Hey Kiwideus, about recommended age....I thought that women were supposed to start at 35.
(I just turned 36 last week, so I guess I am a year late)

katl8e: Wow...you had yours done early. Did your Doctor recommend it that early? Just curious because my Dr. waited so late.

Big Kat - I promise! promise! promise!! When it's time for you to go have yours done, you have nothing to be afraid of. I am such a BIG BABY about PAIN and this was no big deal, I swear!! No PAIN...just fear of the unknown at first...but truly, not a big deal!!

Thanks Again Everyone!!!!
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YAY KIM!!! I'm so happy that you got that done. Now isn't it too bad that Rosie O'Donnel doesn't have her show and therefore isn't giving away any more "I got my boobies squished" T-Shirts?
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LOL! She gave those out, REALLY? Now there's a shirt to where to the grocery store!

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YES! Her mom died of breast cancer, so she really pushed her program that encouraged women to have mammograms. And if you had one, you could get a free T-Shirt. I think the message changed every year, but that was the one that stuck in my head, wonder why?
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When I prepping, for my hysterectomy, the doc suggested doing the whole female checkup. It seemed like a good idea, at the time and it DID give them a good comparison, for the later ones. I've had cystic breasts, since I was 23 and its a good idea, to keep tabs on them.

As soon as my VA medical insurance comes through, I'm getting checked, again. Its been 3 1/2 years.

The worst part of a mammogram, for me, is getting the lymph nodes, under my left arm. That shoulder is arthritic and getting into that position is painful.
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