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No, You Can't Have An Elephant!

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I applaud the efforts, the person who started the petition is 12 years be nice. Some people have a hard enough time taking care of dogs, cats and fish so an elephant is certainly out of the question.
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they would make a cool pet hehe.
but i would need a bigger bed ahhaa
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Just be sure to keep the elephant away from the pot bellied pig (South Park reference).
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Well, nothing wrong with owning one if you have the means to do so
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You'd need one heck of a pooper scooper!
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Read a book which I think was titled, "Can we keep him?" about a girl who wanted a pet elephant. So cute!
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haha its kinda cute that the kid actually got 650 people to sign that though!! That alot of people who think that an elephant is a good idea. I wouldnt have enough room for one and I dont think an elephant would like my backyard! but that would be the coolest pet!!

I think the pooper scooper would have to be more than super sized! *YUCK*
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It's been a few years but a while back I read an article on a web page with a step by step account on building a room sized fish tank (wall to wall, floor to ceiling). The funniest thing about it was the guy who wrote it was serious through the whole process....until the end when he mentioned something about a big pooper scooper. It was for a polar bear. I wish I could find it.
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thats just crazy and i mean look at the size of the UK! where is an elephant going to fit anywhere?
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Will refrain from commenting - mom says if you don't have nothing nice to say - then don't say it
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