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picts of Valentine - the mangled kitten

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I won't post the gross picts of her hanging leg or the toes that fell off, unless you *really* want to see them.

Here she is standing up, you can see how her rihgt front leg is messed up from the fracture healing itself

and here she is lying on her side. You can see the mangled hind foot.

and here she is in her cage that a wonderful person funded for us

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what happened to the kitten?
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she wasn't brought to the shelter until well after she was injured.
she has vet appt on thursday to get the dead hind foot removed & evaluate the front leg!

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She's a gorgeous little kitty, and you can definitely see the determination in her face. She's a fighter all right!
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She's really cute, it's such a shame she was so badly injured!
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Oh I'm in tears! What a brave, brave kitty! Thank you Bendy, for rescuing this little girl!!!!

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She looks like such a sweetheart! Bless you!

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I think she is beautiful! She looks so sweet and loving! You are an angel for rescuing her and taking her in!!!!! Please let us know how she is doing!!!!
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Awww! What a sweetheart! She is a very brave girl to have come all this way! Keep up the good work Bendy!
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Valentine had her surgery late thursday afternoon, she came back home on Friday morning.
She was in surgery for an hour and a half. the entire hind leg had to be removed. There is nothing to be done about her front leg, the break is calcified over and to rebreak it would be a huge ordeal. So it stays. At least she can walk on it and uses it as normally as possible.

Her incision looks great and she is wanting to run all over. My credit card looks sad.

She is up for adoption, as I already have a lot kitties and she won't need special care in the future, just someone who doens't mind a very odd looking cat.

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Happy to hear the surgery went well. She is so cute, and sounds like such a sweetheart that I'm sure you'll find a home for her. Why did it take so long for the people who found her to get her to you?
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I really hope she recuperates well and finds a very loving home. Poor little thing - thank God there are people like you who are willing to help!
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what an amazeing kitten. Im so glad to hear that she is going to be OK. What a little survivor! and you are a kitty angel
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So glad the surgery went well. I'm sure you'll find her the purrfect forever home.
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im glad the surgery went well also, ill pray for a good home for her. she is such a sweetheart and the name valentine is perfect!
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The poor thing!! she is brave!
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