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Cat tails!

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For those that have 2 or more cats in there home. Do they ever go after each others tails?

Bear was laying by me on my bed and his tail was just flickin and Rocko comes up behind him and starts playing with his tail. Bear got soo mad he moved to another spot on the bed. I just thought that was pretty funny.
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I only have one house cat & 2 dogs. Blossom goes after the dog's tails when they move, especially the Border Collie with her big, long haired tail. In fact, one time April, the bc, didn't know Blossom was there playing with her tail. When she finally realised April got up with Blossom still attached, sliding along the floor. It was so funny.
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Now thats funny...
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Actually, just last night, Valentine was in my lap with her tail hanging off the edge of the bed, and Sealink was on the bin beside my bed. Valentine is the least sociable of the three when it comes to intercat interactions. She tends to keep to herself, though she does enjoy chasing games with Sealink sometimes. That's why I was surprised when Sealink started playing with Valentine's tail.

Valentine shot daggers at her--if looks could kill--but then she flicked her tail MORE, like she was egging Sealink on ... the brat.
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they do occasionally, but Glamorous tends to go round in circles, chasing her own tail LOL
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